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Discovery Toys Consultant Review

Name: Discovery Toys


Price: $79 (US) $109 (CANADA)

Owners: Jerry R. Salerno

Overall Rank: 2.5 out of 5 ツ

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Discovery Toys. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

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You’re looking for a legitimate online business opportunity, but more often than not you wind up purchasing a scam or a low quality product which is why you find yourself here at my Discovery Toys Consultant Review prior to buying into it.

The Company

discovery toys consultant reviewIf you work at an elementary school, run a daycare or have small children, you likely have come across Discovery Toys.  The company, which operates using a multi-level marketing platform (direct sales), provides a wide selection of educational toys targeting children between the ages of zero to eight, in addition to toys the entire family can enjoy.

How Do You Make Money?

Discovery Toys (DT) can’t be purchased at retailers.  Rather, DT sells directly to Educational Consultants (EC).  The ECs buy products at a discount and then turn around and sell them at full retail price to customers.  Presently, the discount is at 34%.

DT makes high quality toys at a competitive price when compared to similar toys.  Here’s an example of toys you can purchase for an eight-year-old child:

discover toys consultant review

Discovery Toys Business Kits

discovery toys consultant reviewTo sign up as an EC, you are required to purchase one of DT’s business kits.  The basic Business Starter Kit costs $79 (US) or $109 (CANADA).  This kit includes some company products, personal website access and business supplies such as order forms etc.

The Business Launch Kit is the next level up and costs $139 (US) or $179 (CANADA).  You can also purchase a Business Builder kit at a cost of $369 (US) or $469 (CANADA).  The higher price the kit, the more Discovery Toys you get.  These toys are crucial because, as an EC, you are supposed to host at-home parties as your fundamental means of exhibiting and marketing the DT products.

Note: you may also host a DT party without having to sign up as in EC.  In so doing, you can get discounted and even free products depending on the amount of sales at your party and the number of guests you sign up to host their own party.


discovery toys consultant review

As an EC, you are rewarded in a slightly different way.  You receive money based on your product sales plus bonuses and commissions from ECs you have recruited into the company.

DT’s website does not reveal the compensation plan for ECs; however, after searching online, I discovered that they have eight levels of consultants within DT, each with a set sales goal and related bonuses and commissions.

On the whole, as promoted on DT’s website, ECs can make 25% to 34% on personal sales and up to 7% on their team sales as outlined on the chart below:

discovery toys consultant review

The Pros And Cons of Discovery Toys


High-Quality Toys: DT highlights toys for various ages that are arranged to promote growth or particular developmental goals like problem-solving, logic, social interaction etc.  A few toys have particularly been created for children who have special needs or autism and are marked with a designated symbol.  In addition, DT provides a chart defining which toys are meant for children with distinct developmental challenges.  Lastly, DT’s products have gotten spectacular reviews from special needs teachers, daycare providers and occupational therapists.

discovery toys consultant review


Identical Websites: DT provides you with your very own “personal” website as a means of generating product sales online.  However, every EC’s website looks identical to everybody else’s.

discovery toy consultant review

Compensation Is Low: ECs receive only 20% on their sales for the month up to $250 and an added 5% if they go above that amount.  For an EC that’s just starting out, that’s incredibly low and difficult to make a good profit.  Also, its difficult to provide any kinds of promotions or discounts with such a narrow profit margin.

Marketing Via Parties: DT stresses the party model for selling, which is an acceptable tactic for those just starting and your family and friends haven’t gone weary of DT.  However, once you’ve had a few parties, nobody in your direct social circle will want to come to yet one more DT party.  You will need to expand online utilizing third party platforms for selling etc. and DT provides very little to no advice at all on how to undertake those selling domains.

Competition With eBay: simply do a search on eBay for DT and you’ll discover (at present) over 8,500 listings, with a lot of the products priced well below DT’s recommended retail price.  With this type of steep competition, it will be really hard to sell the products and make a decent income from them.

The Final Verdict

Discovery Toys has quite impressive products for children of various ages and stages of development.  While the toys themselves are of excellent quality and researched well, the business opportunity is uninspiring.  The company gives a small amount of direction apart from home party selling, and only 20% commissions from sales of products means, even if you have the greatest home party ever and are acquainted with a lot of young families, you will still be just getting by.

Just think.  If you host two parties in a week that produce an impressive average of say $1,500 in sales from products.  This gives you $6,000 in sales for the month.  Even factoring in your bonuses, you will be receiving only $1,620.  Over an entire year, this amount will not even bring you above the poverty line.

You’d be better off just looking somewhere else.

Are you presently a Discovery Toys consultant? I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave your comments below.


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Discovery Toys
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Despite Discovery Toys high-quality products praised by special needs teachers, daycare providers and occupational therapists, their business opportunity is rather lackluster. There’s better business opportunities out there and you’d be doing yourself a favor steering clear of this one.


  1. MJ

    Thank you for this illuminating article. I have seen other product selling businesses providing their employees with limited and substandard online pages and I wonder if this is not becoming a trend. I do not want to name the vendor as I have close family and friends involved in selling their product but I will say it’s an up-and-coming ‘cheap jewelry’ company.

    • Barb

      Hi, MJ!  I’m glad I was able to help you out.  Yes, a lot of the “personal” websites offered by MLM companies are cookie cutter copies.  They are not really personal other than the photo of yourself.  I would imagine this is to keep the brand looking consistent, but at least you’d think they would give some personalization options to make your site stand out a bit from the crowd.

      Apart from the toys, a lot about this company is lackluster.  There are so many genuine business opportunities out there.  I’d pass on this one.

  2. Wendi

    Thank you for this honest review of discovery toys! It seems that a lot of companies are taking the route now to use affiliates or “ambassadors” to sell their products for them through MLM models rather than forking out the money to advertise. The competition is high yes, but expanding the company in this way does not insure its survival. As a matter of fact, companies like this (even with legitimate products) tend to be blacklisted. Hardworking affiliates are not able to sustain themselves even if they top-performing. I think those numbers you provided speak for themselves. There seems to be a rise in these types of companies lately, doesn’t there?

    • Barb

      Hi, Wendi!

      Yes, multi-level marketing companies pop up every day which is why they don’t have such a great reputation in general.  That’s rather unfortunate for the great ones with awesome products and compensation plans.  It’s a matter of doing your research.  Just because a company has an incredible product doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily a great business opportunity.  They don’t go hand in hand.

      If you’re interested in a legitimate online business opportunity that doesn’t involve direct selling or recruiting, check out my #1 recommendation here.


  3. ht

    Thanks for your review of discoverytoys. It’s a niche that I would be interested to be a part of but unfortunately after reading your review, I’ll be thinking twice. It’s a pity and thanks for the review that enlighten us on facts that we would otherwise not know. I will surely check out the alternative you have recommended. All the best here on, my friend.

    • Barb

      Hi, HT!

      Here’s the problem.  A lot of people come across a great product that they fall in love with and decide that they would like to become an independent distributor.  However, just because the product is excellent doesn’t necessarily mean that the business opportunity for that product is so great.  It’s best to do your research prior to going all in on any business opportunity.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 pick when it comes to an online business opportunity.  You can read my full review here.


  4. Gail

    Hi, I’ve been with Discovery Toys for 24 years. I think you have old information on our commission structure. In late 2016 are commission was changed to 25% (to start). I notice that you have not mentioned that you can earn a lot more by helping other people get started in the business (as long as you are reaching your requirements). I was able to provide my children with great toys when they grew up, along with earning wonderful trips (this came a little later) & make extra income around a flexible schedule! I am so glad I started 24 years ago, compared to many companies on the market we do not have a lot of reps around. If you are willing to look for business there is lots out there after you are done with friends & family. It’s not for everyone, but has really worked for our family!!

    • Hi, Gail! Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate your input.

      I believe you may be a bit confused. When I mentioned an EC receives 20% commission, I’m referring to party sales not overall personal sales, and in fact I do mention in some detail in my article that ECs earn 25% to 34% on personal sales and 7% from team sales (referring to ECs recruited into the company).

      I’m glad that Discovery Toys worked out so well for you! As you mentioned, it’s not for everybody, and I mean multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) in general. It’s not enough to just love the product. You have to be comfortable with selling, recruiting and managing a team and a lot of people overlook this. You can be successful if you have the disposition.

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