How To Add A Favicon On WordPress

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how to add a favicon on wordpressShuffle step. Ball change. Favicon.  Favicon. Shuffle step. Stomp.  Noooooo!  A favicon is not a new tap dance step.  What, some friends showed you while you’re waiting to audition?  Let me tell you.  They are not your friends.  No buts!  Come here, Happy Feet, and I’ll tell you all about how to add a favicon on WordPress…


What is a Favicon (Favorite Icon)?

add favicon wordpressNot including a favicon in your website is one of the most common mistakes beginning bloggers make, but what exactly is a favicon?  A favicon (favorite icon) or website icon is the teeny picture that pops up next to your website title in the browser. It helps your visitors recognize your website and create an immediate connection with that small image. Also, it boosts your brand recognition and assists you in developing trust with your audience.

Browser Tabs & Mobile Devices

how to add a favicon for your websiteMany users typically have lots of tabs open in the window of their browser which conceals the title of your website as the number of tabs grows.  The favicon lets your users locate your website and instantly switch to the tab they desire.  Another benefit is that you can request your users add your website to their home screen on mobile devices.

First You Need An Image

how to add a favicon to a websiteYou can utilize your brand’s logo as your favicon or simply create one from an original photo or a free photo from one of the free stock photo sites such as The suggested size for your favicon image should be at least 512 pixels x 512 pixels and ideally shaped like a square.  You may use a bigger rectangular image and WordPress will permit you to crop the image once you’ve added it.

There are many image editing programs out there like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Pixlr or even Paint to create a favicon that conforms to the measurements above.  Once you’ve created your favicon image, simply save it to your computer in either a png, or jpeg format.

The “How To” Part

how to add a favicon to a websiteSince WordPress 4.3, you may add a favicon from the WordPress admin area. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to Appearance » Customize and click on the “Site Identity” tab.

The site identity area in the customizer permits you to change the site title, description, and manage whether or not you wish to display them in the header. It also permits you to upload your favicon.

2. Simply click on the select file button and then upload the image you wish to use.

If the image you are uploading goes over the suggested size, then WordPress will permit you to crop it. If it matches the suggested size precisely, then you can simply save your changes.

That’s it.  Easy peasy!  Now, preview your website and view your favicon in action.  Also, visit your website on a mobile device and, from the browser menu, select “Add to Home Screen” to have your favicon appear there as well.

Video Instruction

Watch this step by step video on How to Add a Favicon to your WordPress Site?  Simply click the image below to get started.


WATCH VIDEO HERE: WordPress Favicons


So, are we clear now?  A favicon is a teeny picture that pops up next to your website title in the browser – not a tap dance step.  What?  They’re calling you into audition.  Awesome!  Break a leg!

If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.  Simply leave them below.


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  1. Nemira

    Hello here, thanks for clear explanation on how to add a favicon to a website. The website looks more professional when it has a favicon, right images, smooth layout, uncluttered text.

    I saw many favicons on popular websites such as Chase, CIt banks, Apple website, search engines etc.

    Some themes have that option installed already in the theme, for example, the Studio Press theme.

    However, when using a WordPress theme without this option, we can add favicons in your showed way.

    What do you think about shape of favicons? It is better to use picture, letters or just symbols? What looks more appealing to the visitors?

    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    • Barb

      Hey, Nemira! Thanks so much for dropping by my site and reading my article. I’m glad I could be of help. I would stick with a vector graphic which you can readily find on Pixabay. If, however, you would like to create your own favicon, you can use Canva. Just make sure the the dimensions match your theme’s requirements.

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