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how to build a website for free onlineDo you want to build a website of your very own?  Afraid it’s too complicated? Remember way back when you first saw a ballerina on pointe?  She was so beautiful and graceful.  Then fear set in and you were like a cat on hot bricks when you went to your first pointe class.  However, you overcame that fear and now you can do a perfect Arabesque.  Like then, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  I’d love to show you how to build a website for free step by step and it’s so easy.

Whether you’re seeking to build your own niche websites or you’re seeking to build a website for a client or local business, you can achieve that quite easily nowadays. Websites are easier to build and there are services and platforms available that offer “foolproof” ways to build professional sites.

So, read on if you want to build a site…

The Essential Elements Of A Website

learn how to build a website for freeOn one hand, you possess a website, which demonstrates your “web presence.”  On the other hand, you have hosting, the location that houses your website and ensures it serves the people who visit your website fast and effectively. There are a few essential elements of websites that are distinctive between a quality site and a sub-par one.

  1. Speed And Load Time
    2. Professional Design & Appearance
    3. Ease of Navigation
    4. Use of a Content Management System (CMS)
    5. Quality Content

If you can achieve these elements, you will be running a very successful and lucrative website. However, in order to achieve this, you must leverage a framework that makes this process easy. To accomplish this, I advise using WordPress.  In fact, you can create a FREE WordPress website instantly by entering a domain in the box below.

The Significance of WordPress,
a Genuine Content Management System (CMS)

build business website freeA lot of you have probably heard of WordPress, the planet’s most extensively used website framework.  Actually, this website was built using WordPress.

Years ago, people had to code HTML manually by hand and knowledge of programming was vital. Things have certainly changed over the years.  Anybody, I mean ANYBODY can create a website nowadays and prosper online as a result. The technological hurdles have been entirely removed due to Content Management Systems such as WordPress.

Below are just a few of the benefits to using WordPress.

* Very simple to install and set-up …In Wealthy Affiliate you can just click on a button.
* No HTML, no code, no advanced knowledge required
* Over 1,400 distinct website templates to select from
* Simple One click installation of over 10,000 “add on” features and website functionality
* Loads of assistance within the community

You can see why WordPress is my only choice of framework for creating my website.  Now, I’d like to demonstrate to you how you can obtain your very own WordPress website and how to build a website for free online in the next 5 minutes or so.

Learn How To Build A Website For Free

Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate has created a video demonstrating how you can get a website up and working, fast and efficiently.  As a matter of fact, in this video, he demonstrates to you how he created a fully functional WordPress website in under 30 seconds for free!  Simply click below …

WATCH VIDEO: Create a Website in Under 30 Seconds

As I mentioned earlier, I’d love to help…but only if you put on those pointe shoes and take action on the help I provide. In under 5 minutes from now, if you want a functioning website, you need to take the following 3 steps…

Step 1: Begin to Create Your Website for only $0 at by …
Step 2: Creating An Absolutely Free Account that includes …
Step 3: Access to 2 Free Websites & an Entire Training Platform.

And before you can do an Arabesque, you will have your very own, fully functional WordPress website up and working.

Do You Need Help With Your Websites?

Just ask! If you need help with anything discussed above, please leave me a comment below or you can contact me inside of Wealthy Affiliate via my profile there.

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  1. ChazzBrown

    Well, I actually have my own website so I’m not really your target audience. But I was curious to see your step by step advice.

    I have to say it was spot on. you encourage the reader and give him the directions in a format that shows him visually how to do it but at the same time helps him to actually do those steps in real time.

    So by the time that person has finished reading about creating his own website, he can actually have one!

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