How To Build An Email List For Marketing

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A list of active subscribers is one of the most powerful and dependable marketing assets out there.  A great list is absolutely precious.

how to build your email listIt just happened to me yesterday.  After having dinner, I left the restaurant through the back door and entered a dark alley.  A shadowy figure approached me and said with a gravelly voice, “Hey, lady.  Wanna buy a list?”

All kidding aside, why is email marketing so important? Because when people join your list, they want to hear from you and learn more about your website.

With the deets you gather when they sign up, you can pinpoint a particular demographic and create your email or newsletter to suit their needs.  Also, as you bring in more qualified leads, you can help them decide which products are best for them and therefore increase the likelihood they’ll buy your product from you.

BUT.  You have to earn your subscribers first.

“Barrrrrrb!  I don’t even know how to build a list.”

Fear not, young Jedi.  Obi Barb Kenobi has called upon “The Force” and brought you these 15 ways on how to build an email list for marketing.

1. Offer Valuable Content

Nobody hands over their email address for nothing.  If you want to create a worthwhile relationship and interact with your audience, you have to give them content that is interesting and worthwhile.

2. Scatter Your Website With Sign-up Forms

Your sign-up form should be anywhere your possible subscribers may be.  Make certain they can see it and it’s simple to fill out.

3. Make The Most Of Social Media To Gather Email Addresses

how to create an email list

Merge your social media platforms with your sign-up forms.  Driving traffic from various sources make you build a powerful email marketing list a lot faster.

4. Carefully Create Your Sign-Up Form

Only ask for the information you intend to use.  A wise rule to follow is “less is more.”  The briefer the sign-up form, the greater the conversion rate.

5. Display Your Privacy Policy

Tell your readers that you won’t share their private details with third parties.  A clear-cut privacy policy encourages trust and assures your visitors that it’s safe to sign up.

6. Display Examples Of Your Content

Let your readers know what they are subscribing to.  Make use of some earlier content to “sell” the email subscription.

7. Add A Call To Action

Place a call to action on the submit button, for example, Sign Up  Here!  By doing this, you make signing up more attractive and increases the conversion rate.

 8. Hand Out Freebies

Think of relevant bait to lure in your audience like an infographic or e-book and give it away for free.

9. Ask Your Subscribers To Show Some Love

Take some time to create beneficial, shareable content.  Keep in mind that simply placing the social sharing buttons on your content isn’t enough.  You nevertheless have to ask your subscribers to actually make use of them.

10. Develop A Strategy To Spread Your Content

Creating awesome content is merely half the battle.  Make sure the right audience sees it.  Figure out who your target audience is and where they like to hang out online.  Then communicate with them.

11. Publish A Squeeze Page

business email list

Develop a squeeze page where your visitors can download quality content after providing their email address.  A dedicated web page makes visitors focus on your call to action and boosts conversions.

12. Incorporate Testimonials On Your Landing Page

Testimonials from satisfied customers helps create trust in your brand and its products and helps your visitors to decide to purchase.

13. Blog On A Regular Basis

Awesome content invites more traffic.  Create a practical schedule to publish your content and stick to it.

14. Be A Guest On Popular Blogs

Posting your content on other people’s blogs is a super way to create relationships with other bloggers in the same industry as you and introduces you to new people.  Add a backlink to your blog and your rankings will increase.

15. Gather Email Addresses Offline

free email lists

Take advantage of trade shows and conferences to gather email addresses.  Ask people for their business cards or the “Forms on the Go” app from GetResponse to immediately add people to your list.

So, young Jedi, now you have all these awesome ways to build the most powerful and dependable marketing asset out there – your email list!  Do you have any other tips to build an email marketing list?  Grab your lightsaber and add them below!  Dun.  Dun.  Dah.  Dun.  Dun. Dun. Dah!



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  1. Cathy

    Hi there Barb, I have a few questions after reading your tips on building an email list. I’ve always wondered how this technique works.

    1. You mentioned about scattering website with forms. Is there a strategic place on a page that you would suggest?

    2. How do you get sign-up form into social channels? Do you mean publishing them directly on the social posts?

    Thanks for your tips.

    • Barb

      Hi! Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it. I love to hear from my readers.

      With regard to question 1, I would suggest placing the sign up form either above or below the sidebar menu of your website.

      With regard to question 2, for example, you can place your sign up form directly on your Facebook page. First, log in to your Facebook Account and navigate to the page that you want the form to appear. Click the settings tab near the top of the page. Click Apps. Locate the app for whatever email marketing provider you are using ie GetResponse and follow the instructions to set up the web form on your page.

      Woo! Hoo! You’re done!

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