How To Choose A Topic For Your Next Blog Post

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So, you took a break from rehearsals to work on your blog, but can’t seem to find anything to write about.  You get comfortable in your chair and begin to stare at the pulsating cursor on your computer screen with a total loss of words.  Fear not.  Here are four tips how to choose a topic for your next blog post.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

how to choose a topic for your next blog postFirst things first.  The perfect blogging topics are the perfect ones for your audience.

What it comes down to is your audience.  Actually, critical to your blog’s success is identifying who your audience is.

This will become easier over time.  You will get to know your audience better by reading and responding to comments on your blog, taking the time to study readers’ emails and listening to what they’re saying.

The important point here is choosing topics and blogging about those topics in such a way that your readers understand and are knowledgeable about.  So, what’s the key to choosing the perfect topic?

It’s straightforward, but not simple…   identify your target audience.

One of the leading ways to understand your audience is to distinguish that audience.  If you have a new business, you get to choose who you want to communicate with and how to communicate with them.  For businesses that are already set up, one of the leading ways to understand them is to merely talk to them.  Whether it’s a chat over the phone or surveys done online, attempt to get into the head of your audience and determine what motivates them.

Once you know what motivates them, you’ll no doubt choose the ideal topics for your blog.

2. Make Applicability Your Focus

Let me present to you an idea and then make clear how it’s done: Applicability.

Applicability is not new.  It’s common to talk about applicability and the desire for applicability in content marketing… but wait.

What is applicability?  What does applicability have to do with blogging and topics for articles?

Here’s what I mean.

Applicability is aimed at your audience.

Applicability pinpoints your audience more than by what’s popular.  Rather, applicability has everything to do with your particular audience.  What are their interests?  What difficulties are they facing? What extraordinary challenges are they trying to conquer?  Trying to be applicable without characterizing your audience is like trying to go skiing without snow or a mountain.

Applicability is aimed at your niche.

The more precise your niche is, the more you will be able to determine and expand applicability.  For instance, if you’re in the guinea pig pet care niche, then an appropriate article will have to pertain to guinea pig care, guinea pig feed, guinea pig health, etc.  You wouldn’t write an article on Microsoft SQL Servers on your guinea pig blog.

blogging topic ideasApplicability concentrates on your goal.

Applicable topics concentrate on your audience and are within the framework of your niche.  If you’d like to take it a bit further, you have to characterize applicability in connection with your goals.  Every blog has a goal – an objective over and above simply attracting an audience’s attention and obtaining traffic.  You are aiming for something else, but what?  Subscribers?  Conversions?  Determine your fundamental goal, then generate articles that aid to meet that goal.

Applicability is aimed at the present.

One characteristic of applicability is its timeliness.  You topic won’t be very applicable if you’re talking about old news and out-of-date methods.  Likewise, Google favors fresh content and its algorithm prefers trending topics and tweets.

Applicability concentrates on answers to problems.

Applicable content begins with a need and creates solutions.  When you can resolve genuine issues successfully, then you’re hitting the nail on the head when it comes to applicability.  That is your objective.

Applicability is essential, but you must ensure that you understand applicability if you are to create applicable topics.

3. Locate A Blog You Can Plunder

If you want unquestionably outstanding topics, then seek out the blogs that are doing it already and steal from them.  In case you think I’m being rather shameful, permit me to explain …

I totally oppose all things remotely akin to swiping intellectual property or content.  What I do propose; however, is to recognize a blog that has got it right and adhere to their example.  Here’s what you do:

  • Create a list of five blogs you hold in high regard.  They can be within the same niche as yours or entirely different.
  • Take note of headlines of their articles and reuse them with regard to your audience and niche.

Let’s take a look at this example.  Say you’d like to pilfer from Lifehacker.  Perhaps your niche is SEO rather than life hacking.  What should you do?

Find a trending article.

how to pick a blog topic

Utilizing this article as a model, develop your own blog topic that is applicable to your website and your target audience.

Such as …

  • Five First-Rate Link Building Tools
  • SEO Tools: Here Are The Top Ten
  • Seven Awesome SEO Tools Everyone Should Have

Do you get it?  Lifehacker gave you the idea and you did everything else.

Why does this method work?  Frequently, awesome topics are constructed on the things that generally interest people.  Lifehacker has unmistakably determined a blueprint for blog topics that are interesting.  In this example, they used free and lists.  In addition, the article solves a problem which is another basis for its appeal.

Build a list of awesome blogs and call upon them often to pilfer ideas, methods, approach and expression.  Don’t pilfer their articles or content.  That’s not nice.

4. Leverage Beneficial Tools For Content

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for finding trending topics.  Basically, it acts as a spot where marketers can find popular trending topics that are applicable to their business.

Essentially, you can utilize it to discover trendy articles in your niche.  For instance, say you are writing an article about content marketing tools.  What do you do?  Head over to Buzzsumo and key in “content marketing tools.”

ideas blog topics


As you can see, an article on brought in more than 8,000 social shares!  This is an awesome article to pick through.  You will want to click the link to the article and look at who the author is, what he discusses and the types of tools that are covered in the article.

Now, if I were going to write about content marketing tools, likely, I would refer to this article, link to it and address a few of the same tools as in this article.

Why?  This article is applicable.  It’s applicable socially which is the greatest form of applicability when it comes to content marketing.

Alltop is another tool you can utilize for choosing awesome blog topics.  What Alltop does is collect popular articles on particular topics.  Rather than putting in the effort to find trending articles on your own, Alltop accomplishes this for you.  After creating a free account and carrying out a fast search or two, you can determine what topics are trendy.

Check out one of my searches below.  Instantaneously, I have been given tons of topic suggestions.  It’s highly likely these are trendy articles.  I can utilize them as motivation or inspiration for my own topics.

blog topics that make money

If I can’t dream up some incredible topics from all these trending articles, then I have a screw loose.

Ready To Begin?

If you’re searching for great topics, you’ll have to do some searching.  It’s really not that difficult to dig up awesome topics.  It just takes a little time and practice.

Use this article as a guide and I’m sure you’ll be an expert in no time.

How do you find topics for your next blog post?  I’d love to hear from in the comments below.


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  1. Kam

    Wow, that is a very helpful way to figure out someone’s next topic. I’m always looking for stuff to write about and usually just go off from what I know most about and what I enjoy! It makes it more fun and feel not like a chore every day to write content about something I have no interest in. Great website

    • Barb

      Thanks so much, Kam, for dropping by my site. One of the hardest things about writing a blog is always finding new content to write about. I’m so glad I could help.

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