How To Get Over The Fear Of Failure

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 Failure Is Normal

overcoming fear of failure andEverybody wants to be successful, but it’s simply not possible to be successful 100% of the time.  Failure is a normal and frequently distressing part of cultivating a business.

Why Do We Fear?

In a society based on perfectionism, we’ve been trained to be fearful of failure.  Because of this, we are frequently unwilling to take a chance and try something new and accept challenges.

You need to continually take chances and challenge yourself if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur.  Don’t let your insecurities hold you back.  To help you out, here are five tips on how to get over the fear of failure.

1. Develop A Mindset Based On Growth

causes fear failureLook at failure not as the conclusion of a journey, but rather a phase in a lengthy process en route to your goals.  Don’t rake yourself over the coals for making a mistake.  Alternatively, say to yourself, “What knowledge can I get from this?  Take that newfound information and put it to work for you.  When you make a blunder, take a moment to contemplate, learn from it and give it another go.  Ultimately, you’ll be successful if you are persistent.

2. Kill Negative Self-Talk

What you say to yourself inside your head has a huge impact on your self-image.  When you fill your mind with negative thoughts about how you perform, your positive mental outlook will lessen and be taken over by self-doubt.

Next time, take a different approach when you attempt something new.  For instance, when you want to say to yourself, “Why did I even try?”  Substitute that negative comment with something positive such as, “Even though this didn’t work out the way I figured, I’m all the wiser for trying.

When you practice talking to yourself positively, ultimately, it will become second nature to you and your outlook on failure will begin to change.

3. Change Your Stategy

causes of fear of failureSay your strategy didn’t work out the way you thought the first time.  Don’t admit defeat and walk off.  If you hit a snag, think the problem through again.  Could you change your plan of attack?  Is your timing out of whack?  Don’t be scared to give it another go at a better time or in a different way.

4. Call Someone In Your “Circle of Trust”

The next time you fail, get help.  Every now and then you just need to toss around a few ideas with a person you can trust.

Likely, you know a friend, associate or mentor who has gone through the same situation.  Don’t be scared to ask them to help you or for a second opinion.  When a buddy asks you for help, aren’t you glad to lend a hand?  Seek out those you know and trust.  They likely will give excellent advice.

5. Analyze The Worst Case Scenario

how to get over fear of failurePrior to taking on a new challenge, determine all the possible results.  What are the pros and cons?

Eliminate emotion when deciding and be as practical as possible.  Jot down your best and worst case scenarios.  Don’t let apprehension affect your perspective.  Develop a backup plan when you are feeling doubtful.  Just knowing you have a backup may lift your confidence and help you defeat your fear of failure.


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  1. Martina

    Hi Barb,

    Thanks for the motivational post. I struggle with this a lot and I think a lot of entrepreneurs do – especially those that work online. I love working online – there are so many possibilities! And it seems like you do too?

    But at the same time it can be isolating sometimes and frustrating when things don’t go your way.

    Just curious if there was a certain way that you found your mentors or people that you trusted who were like-minded?


    • Barb

      Thanks, Martina, for coming by my site and reading my post. I’m glad I could help. I agree. It can be isolating and frustrating particularly if you do not no others who are building a business online or if you are using a product or method to make money that simply isn’t working for you. This is why I love Wealthy Affiliate. They are truly the only genuine way to learn to make money online and you never have to feel stuck or isolated. They have 24/7 live chat available to you. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn more.

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