How to Make Money By Flipping Domain Names

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Domain name speculation may be a booming market with high potential, but it is still relatively untapped. For a smart investor who knows how to take advantage of the situation, domain flipping can be a very easy way to make a huge amount of money online. What is domain flipping? At its heart, domain flipping employs the most basic economic principle; buy low, sell high.

There are a number of unique advantages to buying and selling domains, including the lack of any physical product and the potential to make unbelievable profit on a single sell. If you’re ready to trade in your day job for something new and exciting, get ready to learn how to make money by flipping domain names.

Step One: Do Your Research

what is domain flippingDomain flipping may be simple, but there is some research involved. Luckily, a lot of your competitors will have incorrectly assumed that domain flipping is a way to get rich overnight with zero effort. That means that even the most basic level of research will give you an edge.

Start by checking out domain trading or auction sites such as or just to get a feel for what different kinds of domains are selling for. Once you think you’ve identified a profitable niche or trend, investigate further.

Use SEO research tools such as Jaaxy to find the number of backlinks and the PageRank of domains you think might be worth something. At this point, you’re not deciding whether or not to purchase any specific domain – that comes later. Make a game out of trying to guess the rankings of different domains and then checking how close you were. If you are consistently way off, you should do some more research before you start buying.

Step Two: Choose A Domain

Instead of asking how to make money selling domain names, ask how to make money buying domain names. In most businesses, profit is made at the sale, using marketing and other sales tactics to convince the customer to buy a product for as high a price as possible. It is very difficult, however, to convince someone they want a specific domain name enough to pay a high price for it. The trick is to identify a domain that somebody will want some day, and to buy it before they do.

The goal is always to find a domain that somebody else will want. That may sound obvious, but a lot of newcomers to the domain flipping game misinterpret it. It’s not enough to buy a name that sounds good or that is similar to other names that have sold for a high price. You need to buy a name that a specific person will want for a specific reason.

how to make money selling domain namesFor example, you might register hoping that a car dealer will one day buy it off of you. The problem is there’s no reason anyone would want that specific name over something else that means the same thing. Why would anyone pay your asking price for when they could just pay the ten bucks to register or instead?

People also tend to make the mistake of investing in alternative top-level domain names. Seeing the success of, you might think that would be a good investment. Anyone willing to pay top dollar for a specific domain name, however, is going to shell out for the prestige that comes with a .com domain. Someone unconcerned enough with their branding to buy would probably be just as happy with or

So which domains will people want? Short, memorable names are a good bet. is a fantastic domain name for that reason. There are plenty of other ways to express the same concept – or – but none of them compete. If you can find an available domain that is that concise, you can make a fortune. Local domain names are also a good bet. If you own, the next donut shop that opens in Jacksonville might be interested.

Step Three: Buy Your Domain

Most of the time, you should search for domains that have never been registered before and then register them yourself using a site such as Namecheap, GoDaddy or Wealthy Affiliate. Sometimes you can find good deals at domain auction sites, which sell off previously-held domain names that have expired. Keep in mind that you may be bidding against the same customers you want to sell the domain too. If you win an auction in that case, then you will be buying the domain for more than you can sell it for.

In any case, you should almost always stay away from domain trading sites. Everyone on those sites is trying to make a profit by flipping, just like you are. If somebody else buys a name and marks it up to sell at a profit, then you buy it from them and mark it up again to sell at a profit, you’re probably selling well above its real value.

Step Four: Sell Your Domain

flipping domain namesSelling your domain name is mostly a waiting game. Once you have acquired a name you think somebody will want at some point, you need to sit on it until that somebody actually shows up. Flippers will sometimes cold call businesses or other customers they think might be interested, but these tactics take a lot of time and energy and are rarely successful. If somebody wants a name badly enough to pay top dollar for it, they will come to you.

In the meantime, work on your sales pitch for any promising domain names you own. Again, you probably will not be able to convince someone to buy it if they are not already interested, but you may convince a buyer to pay more if you can explain what makes it such a great domain.

The Bottom Line

Domain name speculating takes a lot of patience and research, but it pays off in the end. You might buy and sit on a handful of domains that never sell, but the one name that sells at a six-figure profit will make up for those. Just focus on finding and buying valuable names with specific selling points and you will do well for yourself.

I hope I have been able to answer your question on How to Make Money by Flipping Domain Names and you now have a better understanding of how it works.

So, what has been your experience so far with domain flipping?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave your comments below.


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  1. Anthony

    Flipping domain names is something I have always been cautious about. I just never felt confident enough that people would buy a domain that I thought was cool and interesting, but I can see the strategy a little better with your suggestions. I use Jaaxy for my own website and it is a great tool. makes life much easier. Thanks for the post!

  2. Rick

    The idea of buying and selling domains is very intriguing indeed.

    No stock on shelves. Good idea!

    Domains are like the future store fronts. Popular is like location location location.

    As the property gains value, so does the business involved. It is very important to own something that will be valuable in the future. If you can clue into some fad domain – you win.

    • Barb

      Thanks, Rick, for dropping by and leaving a comment. I really love hearing from my readers.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. A popular domain can sometimes go into the hundred’s of thousands!

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