Is Big Profit System A Scam?☠

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Big Profit System Review

Name: Big Profit System


Price: $1,000 Minimum

Owners: ?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Big Profit System. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

When you’re trying to find a way to make some extra money, perhaps life-changing sums, the internet is frequently the first place everybody turns to.

is big profit system a scamAfter all, it is jam-packed with all sorts of new and exhilarating possibilities.  It’s essentially similar to the gold rush, but where just about anybody can participate and in the comforts of their own home to boot.

However, just like the era of the gold rush, the internet is akin to the Wild Wild West with its snake oil peddlers and scoundrels abound.

Today, I want to discuss a system that appears to be the perfect way to earn money online, but is merely another scam.

What Is Big Profit System About?

It’s a high ticket (aka pricey) system that claims to be able to make you thousands upon thousands of dollars with hardly any or even no effort at all.

The basic premise of the system is you buy in and then are provided with the training and tools so you can turn around and promote the identical product you just purchased.

The big selling point here is that you have a team of salespersons available who will close all your deals for you.

You just simply have to get folks interested enough to give up their contact information.

What’s It Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, Big Profit System is a high ticket item.  The cheapest option to buy in costs $1,280.

Yep.  That’s right.  The cheapest cost is $1,000 plus an administration fee of $280.

However, the system consists of several levels that you can buy into: $1,000, $3,000, $6,000, $12,000 and $20,000.

Now, these levels are crucial for you to make money because, if you go in at the $1,000 level and you recruit somebody also at $1,000 level, you get $500.

is big profit system a scam

However, if you go in at the $1,000 level and then recruit somebody who goes in at the $6,000 level, you don’t make any money at all.  You would have had to have gone in at the $6,000 level in order to qualify to receive that commission.

What this means is, in order to receive the bigger commissions, you have to really buy in at the $20,000 level which qualifies you to receive commissions from all levels.

That’s a TON of money!

What Do You Get?

For the massive amounts of money you will be forking over, you should be receiving a whole lot of stuff.

Delving deeper into the website, it appears that you receive different things contingent on your level.

With each level, you receive more and more information; however, when I look at the information they say they supply, I’m troubled.

You see, you will be receiving, for your $1,280, things such as a personal development course, a marketing manual and access to some kind of library.

The remaining levels add on things such as Periscope Income Pro, Total Video Marketing Mastery, Social Media Mystery Super Pack etc.

is big profit system a scam

This content seems strangely similar to general marketing e-books – the ones you frequently receive for free when you sign up to an email list or private label rights content you can purchase for a couple bucks.

This does not appear to be the kind of information you deserve when you are spending thousands.

This Isn’t A Business

The point is this, no matter the number of videos and e-books they give you, they are going to be teaching you only one thing – promoting Big Profit System.

Their whole sales pitch is dedicated to letting you know how many thousands you’ll be making by convincing people to purchase the identical system you just purchased.

So, what goes down if Big Profit System unexpectedly stops?

Your whole income will end, that’s what.  On top of that, you will wind up with a bunch of e-books and likely still have no clue how to create a genuine and viable online business!

It Is So Easy, Right?

Big Profit System’s sales pitch makes it seem like you will hardly work and still bring in more than your typical CEO a year.  One sales page I viewed stated:

is big profit system a scam

is big profit system a scam

Does this not seem absurd to you?

How, precisely, can you not do anything yet make thousands?  Really, you are going to require a whole lot of hustle to make any money with this crazy system.

Okay, they’ve got a sales team that will maybe close sales for you, but you are still going to have to produce leads for them, and that takes work.  You will have to be imaginative when it comes to posting this system.  You will have to target the correct people, and you will have to persuade them at the very least this system is worth further examination.

All this involves expertise and work.  You will have to ask people to hand over a considerable amount of money, and that will require some persuasiveness because not everybody will trust that Big Profit System is authentic – possibly because it’s not?

Who Is Responsible For Big Profit System?

Good question!  Who precisely will you be forking over $1,280 to $20,280 of your hard-earned cash to?

The answer is I haven’t a clue!  There are no other details about the company aside from the general name of Big Profit System.  There is no phone number or address and no specifics on a company under that name that I can catch sight of.

The details for the domain name are protected so there is no way to determine who owns it.

As a matter of fact, you might as well just give your money over to a complete stranger out on the street because you will have just as much information on them as there is for Big Profit System.

Even if this was just a $50 system, I still would warn you regarding this absence of information, but at a cost of $1,000 to $20,000 would you actually trust somebody you cannot even validate?

Big Profit System, Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

Big Profit System sits right on the borderline when it comes to it being a pyramid scheme.  While you do receive something for your cash when it comes to training, it’s merely a means to get around the law.

The truth is that the entire system relies on promoting their system to get recruits who will then promote the identical system to get more recruits and so on.

Any government bureau examining this website would instantly question if it is a pyramid scheme and so should you!  Simply because they might have twisted the rules to keep within the boundaries of the law doesn’t make Big Profit System authentic.

The Final Verdict

Can you actually make some money with Big Profit System?

Perhaps, yes.  I mean you merely have to bring in three people at Level 1 to compensate you for the $1,280 you put in and make a bit of profit.  That is, if the folks closing your sales for you really tell you they closed them and then pay you out.  After all, you have no clue who is responsible for this system!

The question here is can you really do it?  Can you persuade people to sign up for this system and spend tons of money on essentially a promise of becoming wealthy?  Do you have the know-how and skill to get folks interested and not become a spammer at the same time?

Can you handle the fact that those you bring in will turn into your direct competitors?

Ultimately, Big Profit System sits on the borderline of a Pyramid Scheme and, while it might work in the short term, it is way beyond the hands-off cash producing system it makes itself out to be.

My belief is that you have to realize that creating a successful online business demands work, but you do not have to hand over $20,000 or even $1,000 for that matter to begin building a genuine business.

Instead, steer clear of schemes such as Big Profit System and discover an authentic way to create money online.


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Big Profit System is a borderline pyramid scheme that’s best to stay as far away from as you can. Spend your time seeking a genuine way to make money online.


  1. Gomer Magtibay

    Honestly, I am a network marketer. But these kinds of schemes are the ones I hate so much. You know why?

    It fools people into thinking that theirs is better than ours because of big proof of income when in fact, this Big Profit System just jacked up the price. It’s like they just made the play money bigger so they can give bigger commissions. It’s like the old Empower Network where people were making big commissions feeling they’re now marketing geniuses, when in fact it’s just the jacked up price that let them earned those big commissions.

    • Barb

      Thanks, Gomer, for dropping by and sharing!

      So true.  Essentially, they turn you into a scammer/spammer not a real marketer with and entice you with the higher price tag thinking you’ll make tons more.

  2. Paul

    Geez – I can’t believe how many similar systems are out there doing practically the same thing, promising the same riches to innocent people, while at the same time telling them it will require almost no work. Without even knowing who’s responsible for this, I’m kind of shocked someone would potentially spend $20,000 on one of the upsells. All I can say is thank God for WA.

    • Barb

      Hi, Paul!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      Sadly, many people still fall for these types of scams which is why it is so important to do your research before parting with your money.  I agree.  It’s scary to think that someone would hand over $20,000 with little or no information about the company, but it happens I’m sure.

      I’m glad to see that you discovered Wealthy Affiliate.  It is indeed my top recommendation for building a successful online business.


  3. Rab

    I honestly get so angry when it comes to make money online programs which offers such a ridiculously ludicrous amount of fee! These programs are obviously a SCAM but the internet is such a big space where literally millions of users are surfing and these programs profit from unsuspecting internet users who has 0 knowledge in the internet marketing/MMO world. I think its such a diabolical thing to do. One aspect of the Big Profit System that I find the MOST ridiculous is that when someone you refer to the program invests in $6000, you won’t earn any commission because you only paid $1000. That’s a CLEAR indicator of an online scam and I am so frustrated that these programs profit from this scheme.

    Thank you for your review. I find it extremely informational and I hope it spreads to most people so that they do not get fooled by such programs.

    • Barb

      Hi, Rab!

      I totally share your thoughts.  Scams such as this are prevalent and it’s so sad that those mostly affected are people in dire financial straits who end up in an even worse situation.  I cannot stress enough the importance of not handing over your money to anybody based on unsubstantiated claims.

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