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Big Profits Plan Review

Name: Big Profits Plan


Price: $47

Owners: Richard Paul?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Big Profits Plan. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

How would you like to bring in $125,000 a month?  Yeah, I know I sure would!  This is exactly what Big Profits Plan is saying you can bring in with their system.  Sounds fishy, if you ask me.  Let’s examine it further.

Richard Paul’s Big Profits Plan

It’s quite ambiguous as to what precisely Big Profits Plan will be offering you.  The sales video provides a ton of hype, but very little details about what the system really is.

Taking a guess, I’d say it is some kind of lead generating system for affiliate products.

The Sales Video

The entire sales video for Big Profits Plan is all baloney!

is big profits plan a scam

It begins by highlighting a real news story about the opportunities out there for working from home.  This truly has absolutely nothing to do with their system, but a whole lot (and I mean loads) of shifty product sales pages use this precise video or something similar.

Next, you have a surprise!  It’s a 500 second countdown and for every second counted down, you supposedly will receive one dollar hence $500 in total.

is big profits plan a scam

This is merely a trick to get you to continue watching.  Then, near the end of the video, this $500 changes into a guarantee whereby you only receive $500 if, after purchasing the system and trying it out, you fail to make $500.

This guarantee too is utter baloney as there aren’t any terms that outline it, and the verbal guarantee provided in the video is rather vague.  This means there will be a ton of loopholes they can take advantage of to escape giving you $500.

is big profits plan a scam

The next part of the video is all about making you feel inadequate, because it talks about how Richard apparently was burdened with debt, hated his job and had marital problems on account of being dull and not taking any vacations.

This is a psychological ploy merely to make you feel horrible about yourself and guide you towards a solution (Spoiler!  It’s Big Profits Plan.)

The video continues with a typical discussion on how Richard proceeded to purchase scam after scam and was swindled, but then suddenly, like magic, one of his buddies mentioned something.  Supposedly, his friend created a mathematical algorithm that chucks money into his bank account entirely on autopilot.

This kind of story is used everywhere and like all of them have no foundation in reality.  There is no proof of this system ever working except in the bank account screenshots.

While Richard states he has an eye for bank statements that have been Photoshopped, I know too it is feasible to fake screenshots of bank statements by not using Photoshop and still make them look real.

Therefore, screenshots are not proof!

is big profits plan a scam

No proof at all!

For me, the biggest alarm bell is that Richard states Big Profits Plan brings him in $125,000 a month.  This kind of embellishment sets off the alarm bells because, again, there is no proof.

is big profits plan a scam

According to Richard, the commissions you can receive by using his system range from $1,000 to $5,000.  So, you can assume whatever is being peddled is rather expensive.

Remember, despite the video saying everything is on autopilot, you are provided with training, so you must have to send good leads to the system to begin with.

Have you ever tried to sell someone anything?  How about something with a price tag in the thousands of dollars or more?

No?  Well, it appears that this is precisely what you will have to do here.

Bogus Facebook Comments

Money is frequently tight, so prior to handing over your credit card, it’s a good idea to find out if others benefited from the product.

This is where social proof comes into play and seeing that real people have tried out something makes it a lot easier to take out your wallet.

Big Profits Plan attempts to lessen your fears by highlighting some of its current Facebook comments that say what a great product it is.

It’s bogus.

is big profits plan a scam

Undoubtedly, it’s absolutely bogus.  It has not been embedded from Facebook rather it appears to have been definitely created for the website.  On top of that, none of them are real people.  The photos appear to have been lifted from the internet, with bogus names and most likely bogus comments assigned to them.

Even more evident is that the comments that are supposedly from yesterday appear also in the video, and the video has certainly been around longer than a day.

Are They Verified?

If you have taken a look at any of my reviews, you will spot one prevailing theme for all unscrupulous marketers which is to spread “trust” icons all over their website.  These are supposed to link to third party websites that verify the security of the website you are on.

A majority of the time, these icons don’t link anywhere, but the icons on Big Profits Plan do.

Nevertheless, I still have serious concerns regarding this as they link to a very strange website titled Safe Domain Verify.

This website’s domain was just recorded in January 2017, and the owner’s details are kept hidden by WhoisGuard.  That is strange for a business because legitimate businesses have no problem supplying their physical address freely to the world.

Another strange thing is that there is no home page for this website:

is big profits plan a scam

Alternatively, the home page is redirected to an error page.

After seeing this, I realized that I have seen this same problem earlier in July 2017.  I scarcely think it’s coincidental.

It’s my belief that some crook has created this bogus trust website to help, not only themselves but possibly other unscrupulous people, give the impression their websites are legitimate.

I staunchly advise you do not trust this website!

The Final Verdict

While Big Profits Plan may (and it is a slim chance) be capable of making you money, the way in which they have gone about it implies that you will receive a crappy product that won’t help you make any money at all online or otherwise.

I mean, why else do they employ so many tricks, falsehoods and lies in their sales pitch if their product is actually an authentic, quality item?

Add to the mix that you are being sold a $47 system that allegedly makes folks $125,000 a month.  Actually, you are being sold a big fat fib my friend!  This price point makes absolutely no sense for the amount of earnings they are claiming.  Sure, you might say that Richard is being unselfish, but that kind of real unselfish concern is scarce and these kinds of claims are quite common.  I mean, who wouldn’t exchange $47 for a million dollars plus a year?  Come on!

I advise you to steer clear of Big Profits Plan and rather discover an authentic way of making money online.


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  1. Rob

    Hi Barb, I think you may be correct about this program. It’s quite right to be suspicious of anything that has wild promises. The internet is full of schemes saying they will make you millions overnight. Many of them are thinly veiled pyramid schemes. I see you recommend a program called wealthy affiliate. What’s that like?

    • Barb

      Hi, Rob!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      Yes, this truly is a scam and you are right to be suspicious of anything that makes such outrageous promises.  I’m glad to see that you are doing your research.  It’s so important not to be sucked in by false claims.

      Thank you for asking.  Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the best online business opportunity out there.  It’s FREE and there is no credit card required.  WA provides you with everything you could possibly need to create a successful online business and without having any experience.  You can read my full review of WA here.


  2. Jonathan

    I know those fancy sales pages only too well!
    I have been robbed many times. The part that I find funny now (not in the past, when I parted with my money) is that you are forced to watch these sales videos before you see any information or links, with that countdown timer ticking away!

    When you finished watching the video to the end just to see the price, you have a heart attack and rushed to ER.

    The funny part is, after all that time watching the sales crap you still have no clue what is involved or what is expected of you!

    And if you are foolish enough like me and you invest, you are then slapped with massive upsells and you are broke before you even start.

    Does this sound familiar?


    Don’t waste your time and money!

    • Barb

      Hi, Jonathon!  Thanks for sharing.

      I’m so sorry that you were scammed, but it’s good to know that you have learned from that horrible experience and are doing your due diligence.

      Yes, the video sales pitch always focuses on the luxury lifestyle they throw at you,  that you virtually have to do hardly anything to achieve it, and never really tell you what you are going to be doing.  They play on your desperation or greed.  

      Upsells also play a major part in these types of scams.  Once they’ve got you hooked, they tell you that you can get rich quicker with a particular add on.  The upsells can go on and on forever and don’t really benefit you at all!

      You’d do best to stick with a genuine, proven method of making money online such as my top recommendation and it’s FREE!  You can read my full review here.


  3. stefanie

    I love the way you have written this so candidly . It actually made me laugh out loud with disbelief when you were describing all those underhanded tricks that these fraudsters used to get innocent people to part with their hard earned cash. It’s so infuriating and I’m glad people are calling them out on their crap!

    The best, by far, way of earning cash online is to build your own long-term sustainable business from scratch on a platform like Wealthy Affiliate where you get good training and lots of help along the way should you come across any problems or have any questions. I cannot recommend it enough.

    • Barb

      Hi, Stefanie!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      Yes, these scammers will do anything to rob people of their hard-earned cash which is why I try to expose as many of these fraudsters as possible.

      I’m glad to see that you discovered Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and didn’t fall for one of these get rich quick schemes.  WA is, actually, my top recommendation to create a successful online business and, as you know, it’s free!

      Here’s to your success! 

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