Is Home Wealth Business A Scam?☠

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Home Wealth Business Review

Name: Home Wealth Business


Price: $47 Plus Upsells

Owners: Brian Thompson?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Home Wealth Business. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

Perhaps, you received an email from someone or you clicked on an advertisement on Facebook.  Regardless of how you found it, you stumbled upon Home Wealth Business and are trying to determine if it is legitimate or not.

I’m pleased you chose to do your homework and researched this system prior to purchasing it, as I have some truths to unveil that may make you rethink whipping out your credit card.

Brian Thompson’s Home Wealth Business

This system has an extravagant sales pitch, and it implies you can make a ton of money every day with hardly any to zero work.

For me, that is the first bad omen for any making money online system – overstated earnings claims.

is home wealth business a scam

I’ve made a living online for awhile, and had the privilege to rub elbows with a few of the top online entrepreneurs around, and what I’m going to tell you is absolutely true.  Not a single one of these successful entrepreneurs, including myself, work merely a couple of hours per day in order to make significant money.  Particularly so, when you consider that, when we first began, we had no knowledge or skills.

If Home Wealth Business’ claim is true, we’d all have been wealthy from the first day we started.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t the situation, so it goes to show you that you really do need knowledge, skill and time to grow as an online entrepreneur.

This specific system offers zero information on precisely how it works aside from it possibly being related to Google AdSense, but then it may not be as the sales video slams AdSense and practically every reasonable means of making money online.

Alarm Bells

Putting overstated earnings claims aside, there are a few other alarm bells that make me think this system is a scam.


A common tactic used by both legitimate and scam marketers is scarcity.

This consists of restricting the number of products, spots etc. to increase the demand for it.  The fear of losing out will immediately make people carelessly purchase it as opposed to taking the time to consider the pros and cons and make a more rational decision.

True scarcity is a legitimate tactic, but the scarcity Home Wealth Business uses is bogus and reeks of treachery.

is home wealth business a scam

So, just 193 people can get it (actually 200, because I couldn’t capture the screen fast enough), and this number decreases rapidly.  However, if you merely refresh the webpage, POOF, another 200 people can sign up …

Falsely Featured

A common tactic is to use established network news logos to help make the system appear legitimate.  It indicates that work from home opportunities were featured on these sites, and, indeed, they have – just not Home Wealth Business.

is home wealth business a scam

Lack of Real Evidence

The sales video displays numerous screenshots of affiliate accounts and bank statements implying that Home Wealth Business is the reason for these cash fat accounts.

Sadly, there is no real evidence to indicate that this money has anything at all to do with their system.  These screenshots could have easily been faked and the money derived from another source.  There truly is no way to know for sure as you only have Brian’s word to go on.

The Owner

Speaking of Brian, who the heck is he?  That is a great question because all you have is his name to go on – nothing else.  He does not even provide a picture of himself.  Also, the voice in the video is so slick it simply has to be a paid voice actor so that’s no help.

Surely, there is something about the company?  Well, no.   That turned out to be a dead end too.  The information given on the company is for the name of the website not the real company name.

Even when you take a look at their terms, you wind up with three different locations:

is home wealth business a scam

According to Home Wealth Business’ terms, their business address is located in Texas, but the trust statement indicates it is situated in California.  Keeping this in mind, it is rather strange that the location for their legal terms are situated in Canada.

Currently, there is no way to confirm who is exactly responsible for this system or where they are situated making it extremely fishy in my mind.

Paid Actors

A popular tactic used by scam websites is to make use of paid actors for their testimonials.  While this is not an unusual practice, certainly the people responsible for Home Wealth Business could get a few of their (allegedly) countless successful customers to give genuine testimonials.

Utilizing paid actors brings to mind pre-written scripts which further indicate that the entire thing is simply made up!

Like the sceenshots of alleged earnings, the testimonials give you no real evidence that this system does what it claims.

Matching Site

The worst part about Home Wealth Business’ system is that it isn’t one of a kind.  Recently, I came across a system called Internet Wealth Biz.

If you analyze both sites, particularly the video, you will see they are essentially alike, but re-branded.  An actor featured in Home Wealth Business’ video goes so far as to thank Brian for Internet Wealth Biz’s system!

Why would an allegedly successful business go to the lengths of re-branding itself this way?

The Final Verdict

It’s quite clear to me Home Wealth Business is merely a re-brand of another shifty scam website whose sole purpose is to acquire new chumps to bleed dry.

There is no proof this system will actually do what it claims.  All you get is a ton of hype and impractical earnings claims.

My advice to you is easy.  Steer clear of Home Wealth Business and find a legitimate way to make money online.


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Home Wealth Business☠
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Home Wealth Business is just a re-brand of another scam website looking for more suckers. There are legitimate ways to make money online and this isn’t one of them.


  1. Jude

    Hi Barb,

    Thanks for raising the alert on this one. There are so many scams out there that it is getting scary. I got lost in a few scams myself and even though some were borderline cases, I felt cheated of money and time. I have not heard of this Home Wealth Business but definitely, I will avoid it. Some of the things you mentioned are indeed tell-tale signs that this is nothing more than a hit-and-run scam. I am fortunate to land myself with a program known as Wealthy Affiliate and it is a legit and effective system for newbies wishing to learn the ropes for creating their online businesses. I would recommend everyone to check that out instead.

    • Barb

      Hi, Jude!  Thank you for your input.  I really appreciate it.

      I’m so sorry to here you were a victim of a scam. Sadly, I think everyone at some point has been scammed which is why I have made it my mission to expose as many scams as possible.  Most people really want to create a successful online business, but don’t know where to turn for fear of being scammed.  I’m so glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate.  It actually is my top recommendation for creating a successful online business.  You won’t find anything better out there.  For those interested, check out my full review here.


  2. Gomer Magtibay

    It’s quite funny these scam artists think that they can always find unsuspecting victims for their schemes. Once a scam program is unmasked, they move on to creating new ones like this that you have reviewed. You are commendable for your efforts and hunting them, and even me who’ve been here in Internet marketing for years now, I am benefiting from your efforts. Thank you for that.

    • Barb

      Hi, Gomer!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      I’m so glad you find my reviews beneficial.  My aim is to expose as many scams as possible.

      Sadly, scammers such as this do manage to lure people in, usually desperate people who can’t afford to lose any more money. Typically, these types of sites are rinse and repeat.  They just change the name of the website slightly.  This is why it is so important to do your research and not base your decisions on emotion.

      If you are looking for a legitimate online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation.  You can read my full review here.


  3. Rab

    Is it just me or the name ‘Brian Thompson’ seems to be quite popular (in a bad way)? Nonetheless, I’ve seen this guy’s name way too many times and it is never good.

    Home Wealth Business is clearly a scam and you’ve exposed them well. I always go back to your site to check for new online scams these days.

    • Barb

      Hi, Rab!  Thanks you for leaving a comment.  I love hearing from my readers.

      Sadly, “Brian Thompson” shows up a lot.  Home Wealth Business is one of many clone websites.  See my latest review on Internet Wealth Biz.  It’s essentially the same site with a different name!

      I’m so glad my reviews are helpful and I will continue to expose as many scams as possible.


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