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Jeunesse Global Reviewツ

Name: Jeunesse Global


Price: $29.95 Starter Kit (US) $19.95 Annual Renewal US

Owners: Randy Ray, CEO

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 ツ

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Jeunesse Global. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

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You’re looking for a legitimate online business opportunity, but more often than not you wind up purchasing a scam or a low quality product which is why you find yourself here asking “Is Jeunesse Global A Scam?” prior to buying into it.  Let’s take a look.

The Company

If you’ve ever bought beauty and skin products before then at some point you must have stumbled upon Jeunesse Global.  Launched in 2009 by network marketers Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, this company offers elite anti-aging skin care products along with a nutritional supplement/drink called Reserve.

In essence, Jeunesse is a direct selling, multi-level marketing company, meaning their products are not available online or at retailers and can only be purchased through one of its distributors.  Said distributors, buy Jeunesse products at a discount and then turn around and sell them for the full retail price to customers outside then keep the difference in price as profit.

Luminesce, their flagship product, is made using stem cells.  This is the Luminesce product lineup along with their prices:

  • Luminesce Youth Restoring Cleanser – $44.95
  • Luminesce Essential Body Renewal – $59.95
  • Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Masque – $69.95
  • Luminesce Advanced Night Repair – $99.95
  • Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum – $134.95

Want To Become A Distributor?

is jeunesse global a scamDistributors receive a 35% discount on the Jeunesse products they purchase and then turn around and sell these products to customers outside Jeunesse at the full retail price.  So, for example, a distributor would purchase the Luminesce Ultimate Lifting Mask at $45.47 then sell it for $69.95.  This would leave them with a profit of $24.48.

In order to become a Jeunesse distributor,  you need to purchase their Starter Kit for $29.95 which gives you promotional materials and a personal website.  Also, you need to buy enough Jeunesse products to amass 100 Commissionable Volume or CV points.  The CV to dollar ratio is approximately 0.5 to 1.  For example, if you purchase $200 of product, you will accumulate approximately 100 CV.

Executive is the next level.  In order to qualify for Executive, you are required to recruit two new distributors into the company who will take their place under you who also buy the Starter Kit at $29.95 and amass 100 CV points.  FYI, new distributors are called “legs.”

The advantage of being at the Executive level is that it allows you to receive Team Cycle Bonuses as indicated below:

is jeunesse global a scam

According to Jeunesse, after both your left and right “leg” recruits have sold $300 and $600 of products, you would then qualify to receive a $35 bonus.

More bonuses are received as you move up to the higher levels like the Jade, Pearl and Ruby levels.  At the peak of the pyramid are the Emerald and Diamond Directors.  These top members not only receive all types of bonuses, they also receive free trips sponsored by the company to places such as Cancun and Florida.

Pros And Cons


Quality Products – Jeunesse products are loaded with moisturizers and various other ingredients that helps keep your skin supple.  For example, sodium hyaluronate is one of the ingredients found in their Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum.  This ingredient is hydrophilic which is known for it’s water-loving  properties and easily soaks into the skin resulting in a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles.


Pricey Products – Jeunesse’s products, even with the wholesale discount, are quite pricey.  Because they are so expensive, these products won’t sell as quick as related products such as Mary Kay, Nu Skin or Avon.  Because of this, you’ll have to likely buy samples or standard size products to sample out to possible customers.  This approach, however, will eat away at your margin of profit.

Also, despite Jeunesse’s claims, their products are not one-of-a-kind.  The company’s skin care formulas contain ingredients found worldwide by a lot of other skin care companies and their products are an awful lot cheaper too.

Compensation Is Low – Jeunesse makes it seem like they have quite a lavish compensation plan for their distributors.  However, after examining a few of the bonuses again, they’re really not all that generous.  Case in point, the team cycle amount has to be $900 to make $35.  That’s only 3.9% of the total.

Also, Jeunesse offers bonuses to distributors for New Customer Acquisition when their customers buy product packages.  However, these packages don’t come cheap, and it will be quite the challenge to get customers to fork over that kind of money.

is jeunesse global a scam

Questionable Scientific Claims – Both Jeunesse and its distributors frequently make brazen claims about their products by saying they include stem cells and growth elements favorable for cell regeneration.  However, when you look at the list of ingredients for LUMINESCE Cellular Rejuvenation Serum, there are no stem cells or growth elements at all.

is jeunesse global a scam

What is seen in the list of ingredients are various water-attracting moisturizers (sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, sodium PCA, allantoin), professed skin smoothers and wound healers (Saccharomyces lysate extract and allantoin), stimulants (ipomoea batatas extract, gluconolactone), thickening agents (xantham gum, hydroxyethylcellulose) and antioxidants (superoxide dismutase).  Saccharomyces are the only real cells appearing in the cream which is just ordinary yeast.

Focus On Recruiting – the majority of Jeunesse’s website, videos etc. are focused on recruiting members. Not much focus is given to the explanation of its products, how they actually work and how they can best be promoted to customers so that they will make a purchase.  The business has a sinister pyramid scheme feel, particularly, when Jeunesse has images like this in their training videos:

is jeunesse global a scam

The Final Verdict

Jeunesse has good products for skin care and more, but they are not for the budget-minded or even one-of-a-kind.  Distributors will find it hard to sell these products with such a premium price tag to their customers or “legs.”  Moreover, distributors, too, have to buy these high-priced products themselves or risk getting deactivated.

Jeunesse isn’t a scam per se, its business opportunity just isn’t so great.

Are you a current or past Jeunesse distributor?  I’d love to hear about your experiences with the company.  Please leave your comments below.


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  1. christopher

    You always seem to offer very forward and honest reviews, and I greatly appreciate that. It shows good character.
    With that being said, Jeunesse Global does not seem like a scam per say, but more like a pyramid scheme. The list of cons far outweigh the pros. When a company makes claims about their product, and then spends most of their website trying to recruit people to sell, it is blatantly obvious that they care more about their income rather than providing a beneficial product or service for others.

    It is quite sad to see this, but on the bright side, it makes way for those who genuinely care about helping others to provide their honest and quality products.
    Awesome review!

    • Barb

      Hi, Christopher!

      Thanks so much.  I’m glad my reviews have been of some help to you.

      Yes, I agree with you.  It does have that pyramid scheme feel to it.  The thing is they want you to recruit all these people, but their compensation is very low.  Seems rather greedy considering the premium price you have to pay for their products.  No, thanks.

      There are so many other legitimate business opportunities that don’t require you to sell or recruit such as my #1 pick.  You can check them out here.


  2. Nico

    Thanks for your excellent review. I agree that Jeunesse Global is not a scam and I know that most of the people there can earn money. I visited their office in Hong Kong. It is big and fancy at all. Now, I am using its serum everyday for over 2 years. It is very effective and I will keep using it.

    • Barb

      Hi, Nico!

      Although Jeunesse may have a good product, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the business opportunity is so good.  You can make money, but you have to be really, really good at recruiting as their compensation plan is low and their products are pretty pricey.  Remember, distributors have to buy these products too.

      If you’re happy with the product, that’s great, but I’d think twice if you’re considering becoming a distributor.  There are so many legitimate business opportunities out there that do not involve direct selling or recruiting such as my #1 pick.  You can check them out here.


  3. The Archatek

    I love reading honest reviews on other peoples products. As a affiliate myself, I have never heard of this company. Now I know it is not something I would possibly get into.With so many scams you can possibly buy into I am thankful you prevented me from buying into one. Thanks for the advice!

    • Barb

      Hi, Archatek!

      I’m so glad that I was able to help.  Jeunesse isn’t a scam per se, but it does have it’s downfalls.  People should think twice prior to investing in their business opportunity.

      There are so many wonderful and legitimate business opportunities out there such as my #1 pick.  Click here to read my review.

  4. brownie

    It’s quite a low rating you gave to Jeunesse. I am a member of Jeunesse and what you’ve mentioned about the complan is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s more, and if you get to find out how the complan works then maybe you would change your mind. It is the fastest DSA company out there. Jeunesse is really a life saver. 🙂

    • Hi, Brownie! Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      I’m glad that you are doing well with Jeunesse. However, I still maintain that they do have some major issues besides their compensation plan. The rating I gave Jeunesse is not merely based on their compensation plan, but other factors too as I mentioned in the article. Multi-level marketing companies work well for some, but most don’t take a realistic look at themselves or the company prior to diving in and assume that they will be happy constantly selling and recruiting. There are much better, proven, legitimate online business opportunities out there such as my top recommendation. You don’t have to purchase any products or recruit people and it’s absolutely free to join. You can read my full review of this amazing opportunity here.

      If it works for you, that’s awesome! Here’s to your success!

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