Is The Instant Income System A Scam?☠

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Instant Income At Home Review

Name: Instant Income At Home


Price: $37 (Plus Upsells)

Owners: Angela Crisper

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Instant Income At Home. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

I’m assuming that you are looking for a way to make some money online, and you stumbled upon Instant Income At Home.

It’s a good thing that you researched this system prior to purchasing it, as I have some things to tell you about it that will make you see that it’s in no way what it appears to be.

Angela Crisper’s Instant Income At Home

Instant Income At Home’s sales pitch includes two videos which apparently tell you all you need to know about the system.


The five-minute intro is devised to make you get your hopes up, and includes a multitude of alarm bells spread all through it that are rather worrisome.

It lays out the fundamental concept of Instant Income At Home, but the concept is still fairly vague.

Essentially, you will be working approximately one hour per week and earn $500 plus a day by doing nothing more than liking and clicking stuff on Facebook and various other social media platforms.

is the instant income system a scam

The video implies that there is a loophole or weakness in social media platforms that make Gates and Zuckerberg $6.8 million plus for essentially doing nothing.

As stated by “Angela,” she sat in a meeting with these two titans where they talked about the weakness and laughed about the money they were making as a result of it.

First, I sincerely doubt that this meeting ever happened because why would Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates sit around and talk about making money from Facebook?

is the instant income system a scam

Second, Facebook does not require a loophole or weakness to make money, they make boat loads of money through advertisements that use your freely given personal information to make them extremely targeted.

No, this is merely a fictional story to provide some kind of structure to a budding scam.  I have seen this cock-and-bull story used before, either with Gates and Zuckerberg or something a little more generic, on countless scams.  This is undoubtedly a scam!

There aren’t any company weaknesses such as this, not that the average Joe can take advantage of.  Even if there were weaknesses, these are tech companies and you can be sure they’ll shut down everything considered inappropriate real quick.

Let’s Get Real

is the instant income system a scam

This is merely a scheme to get rich quick, and you do know how splendidly they turn out, yes?

The video says you can make $150,000 plus with absolutely no experience and by simply working an hour or so in a week.  Come on.  Utter baloney!

Nobody who makes an income online does such a small amount of work and rakes in that much cash.  Perhaps, after their business is successful already and after years of putting their nose to the grindstone, but not at the start or even after it is successful for that matter!

This ploy is preying on your sense of greed and, unfortunately, those that put their faith in get rich quick schemes!

Unscrupulous Tactics

This short video really is calculating because, not only has it pushed the greed buttons, but it then pushes a lot of others by stating how Instant Income At Home can resolve all your life and financial problems like not requiring to work or answering to a boss, allowing you to see your children more, paying off debt and being able to do whatever you want whenever you want.

Actually, this short video is all about getting you to the second video where you will have to provide your email address – hello spam!

Also, it implies it will give you “real” evidence of what they’re telling you in the second video, so let’s check it out…


As stated by Angela, she created an account, and it will accumulate money while the video advances.

It really piles on the psychological strategies by saying you are entitled to something better, and how Instant Income At Home is the answer to all your worries.

You are entitled to something better!  However, up until now, Instant Income At Home doesn’t appear to be something that will make your circumstances any better rather it will likely make them worse!

It truly does lay it on thick talking about how crappy your life is, how much better it may be and how Angela also was in dire circumstances.  Keep in mind though that Angela’s voice is that of a paid narrator and she actually does not exist.

It babbles on and on, but it really doesn’t tell you anything about what Instant Income At Home is or what it does.  Sure, you discover that there were mysterious meetings, and how there’s tons of money to be made, and how much you can earn, but it does not actually tell you how!

This is a big alarm bell for any system: if it merely promises you that it works, but can’t demonstrate correctly how it works, then the answer is easy – IT DOES NOT WORK!

You may be thinking I’m over-exaggerating things.  I mean, they do offer some evidence of earnings:

is the instant income system a scam

A screenshot doesn’t prove anything!  Seriously, they can be readily fabricated, even inside a video.  You do not even have to be all that  skilled to falsify them.

Also, even if the money should turn out to be real, it does not confirm that the money was amassed by using this system.  It is rather unclear and lacks real proof.  All you have to go on is their word.

Images of huge bank accounts, fancy cars and luxury mansions are there merely to persuade you that their system works, but they are all just stock photos and bogus screenshots.

The Final Verdict

There is absolutely nothing about Instant Income At Home that is truthful!  The earnings claims are absurd – you can’t possibly make $500 plus per day with under an hour’s work and no skills.

is the instant income system a scam

You bet it is!  You can include Instant Income At Home too!

The entire purpose of this website is to sell you a crappy product and, by merely purchasing it, you are handing over your personal information, like your name and email address, and confirming to the people responsible for this system that you are a purchaser.

In return, you will be upsold a multitude of products that are even more expensive (none of which you actually have a need for, and I’m sure they are all crap) until they bleed you dry.

I didn’t purchase this product.  I don’t need to flush a ton of money down the toilet to know that I’ll be losing it.  I come across scams like this time after time.  If you want my honest opinion, stay away from this unscrupulous trash.


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  1. christopher

    I agree with you. The very fact that “instant” is in the title, shows that something is not right. There are so many “businesses” out there charging money for courses or products that can get you paid today. These types of ventures are short lived, if they work at all.

    Anything worth having is difficult, and takes time to learn about in order to cultivate success. Thank you for sharing, hopefully not too many people got scammed by “instant income system”.

    • Barb

      Hi, Christopher!  Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment.

      I totally agree.  Unfortunately, people still fall for these get rich quick schemes and end up in a far worse financial situation than when they started.  Overnight success or, in this case, “instant” success simply does not exist.  Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that they had to put in a lot of time and effort.

      If you are looking for a genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation and it’s FREE!  Check out my full review here.


  2. Michelle

    It is truly sad what these people will do to make money off of people. This is utter BS (I apologize for my bluntness). Most people should know that those claims are utterly insane. Even if that earnings isn’t fabricated, at the least it is of someone at the TOP (probably her) they are using to scam people into signing up and basically stealing their hard earned money. I think it is great when people expose these scams, they are what give us Work From Home/Small Businesses a bad name. Hopefully this saves people some money and she will be knocked off her high horse.

    • Barb

      Hi, Michelle!  Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

      Yes, sadly, there will always be scammers as long as they can make a buck, and it just seems to be getting worse. New scams pop up every day and it’s at the point where people don’t know who to trust anymore, which is why I am trying to expose as many scams as possible to prevent people from losing their hard-earned cash.  Money is often tight and people end up in an even worse financial situation should they become a victim of one of these crooks.

      If you are looking for a genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation and its FREE!  Click here to read my full review.


  3. Luis

    Hey Barb!

    Just the name raises a few alarms: The Instant Income System?? So misguiding and pretentious. It’s great that websites like yours are around to warn us all of these scammy online “opportunities”. The people who are behind these low integrity schemes are ammoral and should be put in their place, which you have deftly done here. A virtual sponsor (Angela) that doesn’t even exist, promises of quick, financial retribution, in completely unrealistic time frames…really, how much longer will these characters be around until they realize their slimy strategies just don’t work! Putting your nose to the grind stone, as you accurately mentioned, and paying your dues through months and many times, years, of learning and implemmenting…that, like any oher real, serious, business opportunity, is the real way to make income online (hence Wealthy Affiliate…been learning the ropes now for 6 months!). Thanks for your witty and very timely article. Great work!

    • Barb

      Hi, Luis!  Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing.

      Sadly, scams such as this pop up every single day, which is why I constantly stress for people to do their homework on any online business opportunity they are interested in prior to parting with their money.  People are easily persuaded by the luxury lifestyle and overstated earnings these scammers guarantee.

      Success takes time.  There is no such thing as overnight or instant success.  I’m so glad to see that you have discovered Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and are reaping the benefits.  WA is my top recommendation for building a successful online business.  Kudos to you!

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