Mia Bella Candle Business: Is It Scent-Sational?ツ

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Scent-Sations Review

Name: Scent-Sations

Website: https://scent-team.com/corporate

Price: $39.95 or $100 (Scents) $87 Skin Care

Owners: Robert Scocozzo, CEO

Overall Rank: 2.5 out of 5 ツ

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Scent-Sations. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

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You’re looking for a legitimate online business opportunity, but more often than not you wind up purchasing a scam or a low quality product which is why you find yourself here at my review for “The Mia Bella Candle Business: Is It Scent-Sational?” prior to buying into it.  Let’s take a look.

The Company

While shopping for home decor products, at some point you might have stumbled upon Scent-Sations.   The company launched in September 2002 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania by  Charles Umphred, Bob Scocozzo and Lynn Milazzo and is known best for their Mia Bella Gourmet Candles.  They offer over 90 different scents and are available in various jar sizes.

Also, Scent-Sations has other product lines: Mia Bella Beauty, consisting of cosmetics with high soy protein, Mia Bella Bakery and bath and body products.

mia bella candle business

What Is Scent-Sations Business Opportunity?

You can make online purchases of Scent-Sations products through their company website or sign up to be a distributor for them as they are a multi-level marketing company involved with direct sales.  What this means is that they do not sell their products to retailers rather they conduct business directly with private individuals who join to become independent distributors.

Distributors purchase Scent-Sations products at the wholesale price and then turn around and sell these products to the public at a higher price in order to make a profit.  On top of that, distributors get commissions from recruiting other people into the company and from the sales of those they have recruited.

In order to become a Scent-Sations distributor, you are required to sign up for their auto-ship program of which there are three to choose from …

mia bella candle business

Essentially, you are required to pay a minimum of $39.95 a month to join and stay in the Scent-Sations distributor program.  Contingent on your own sales and needs, you may upgrade to the bigger $100 a month plan or the skin care plan for $87.

The fundamental perk of of the auto-ship plan is that you can buy Scent-Sations products at the discounted wholesale price.  While it isn’t specifically stated on Scent-Sations’ website just how much of a discount you will receive, one page does indicate products priced 15%-30% less than those highlighted online.

At this point, you can choose to just sell Scent-Sations products in order to make a profit or you can also earn commissions from those you recruit into the company as distributors too.  Commissions can add up rather quickly, particularly, if you have signed up for the $100 a month auto-ship plan.

mia bella candle business

If you concentrate on recruiting and push your downline to recruit as well, you could, in theory, earn as much as a 25% commission from sales.  Also, what is even better, is that these sales aren’t directly from you.

As you carry on recruiting more distributors and they, in turn, recruit more distributors, the commissions from your downline may be as high as 39% and eight levels deep.  Remember though, that the sales volume required to achieve such high commissions is enormous – at least $500,000 a month.

How are such high sales volumes created by you and your downline?  The company stresses a few different methods:

Parties:  you are expected to host home parties where you can sell products to a warm market such as friends and family members.  You are also given a company website whereby you can promote products, highlight events, such as parties, and exhibit testimonials.

Fundraising: Scent-Sations provides customized products particularly geared towards churches, schools and other organizations who want to sell them to raise funds.  A lot of this customization includes designing exclusive candle labels and matching them up with your organization’s colors.

Pros And Cons

When considering any direct selling, multi-level marketing opportunity, it’s vital that you look at several key factors such as their marketing plan, monthly costs, commission structure, etc.  Here are the Pros and Cons.


High-quality Products – Scent-Sations provides top of the line triple-scented wax candles, which are higher priced than candles you may find at bargain retailers such as Target or Walmart; however, the scents are highly concentrated and are higher quality overall.  In many incidences, their products are actually priced lower than comparable products found at Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle Co.

Bigger Commissions – If you’re capable of recruiting other distributors into the company and empower them to recruit their own distributors, you will gradually make your way up to earning 25% in commissions just from your downline sales.  If you keep building up your downline, you may even go above earning 25%.


Small Wholesale Discount – Although it’s hard to determine how big of a wholesale discount you will get on products, it seems that the most you can receive is 30% – meaning a lot of products will not be 30% off.  Moreover, a lot of Scent-Sations’ products are offered already at a substantial discount through their main website.  So, it may be difficult to convince customers to buy from you at the full retail price.

Emphasis On Recruiting – Although it is possible to make money with Scent-Sations without recruiting anybody, you will not make a substantial income without it.  It may be an advantage if you know others who genuinely want to get into the business or it may be a disadvantage.

Monthly Purchases – A lot of multi-level marketing companies require their members buy a starter kit in order to join, but not so many multi-level marketing companies require their members to purchase these kits month after month.  This can create a problem if, for instance, you have customers who want a bulk shipment of a particular candle scent.  Meanwhile, you are stuck with a hodgepodge of scents you cannot move.  It is one thing to require a monthly volume whereby you can buy anything you want as long as you spend a set dollar amount.  It’s another to have to buy products that have no need or use.

The Final Verdict

While Scent-Sations provides value-priced, high-quality candles and other products, their compensation plan is rather uninspiring for distributors who just want to focus on selling the product rather than focusing on recruiting.  Also, distributors are saddled with purchasing kits month after month, which frequently results in a surplus of unwanted or needed inventory that can’t be sold and winds up being dumped on discount sites such as eBay.  So, the Mia Bella candle business isn’t so Scent-Sational after all.

Are you a Scent-Sations distributor?  I’d love to know your experiences with the company.  Please leave your comments below.


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Despite Scent-Sations top of the line, high-quality candles, their compensation plan is rather lackluster. Unless you’re good at recruiting, you can’t make a decent income and, on top of that, you’re required to purchase product month after month whether you need it or not.


  1. Chris

    Some really interesting products here. I started buying this kind of stuff recently since someone got me a set of candles for my birthday and then i was just like “Well my house smells better with than without” and it beats febreeze. People always comment too. This looks like a great package.!

    • Barb

      Hi, Chris!

      Yes, aren’t scented candles wonderful?!  Mia Bella scented candles are extremely high quality; however, their business opportunity is rather uninspiring.

      You can make an income, but there emphasis is on recruiting and unless you are good at it, it’s going to be a hard sell.  Also, keep in mind that you are required to purchase a kit every month.  So, unless you’re good at direct selling, you may end up with a surplus of product.

      I suggest you be honest with yourself and determine if selling, recruiting and managing a team is really up your alley.

      There are so many legitimate business opportunities out there that do not require any direct selling or recruiting.  As a matter of fact, my #1 recommendation requires neither and it’s free to join.  Checkout my review here

  2. christopher

    Very interesting company, it is nice to hear of a business doing well that is outside of the main brands, such as Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works. With that being said, they seem to have their own way of running their company, and in a way I disagree with it.

    It seems far fetched for some, especially if you lived in a more rural area; after a few weeks, you would run out of people to sell to out of a home party. Having the focus be on recruiting instead of being more open ended for the distributor makes a kind of funnel, which actually may limit their reach for new distributors.

    Your review seems very honest and helpful, I appreciate the honesty of the company. I personally would not choose to distribute for them, even if this was my area of interest, simply because they seem to have their distributing ideas set in stone. This does not sound like it would work all the time.

    But, they are still in business, so they are doing something right.
    Great review!

    • Barb

      Hi, Christopher!

      Yes, I agree.  I have no issue with the quality of their products; however, their business opportunity isn’t so great.  You can only sell so much through home parties because eventually the people in your inner circle will get tired of hosting yet another candle party.  Also, the emphasis on recruitment is rather worrisome because you can’t really make a decent income without it.

      There are so many legitimate business opportunities out there that don’t require you to recruit or constantly sell.  You can check out my #1 recommendation here.


  3. Michael

    Thanks for your review. However, I don’t really agree with you saying there is not much earning potential.
    A distributor can get at least 5% per sale. That’s excluding all the distributors he recruited. Is there any MLM company that you like, or feel are good? What is the best way to earn money online?

    • Barb

      Hi, Michael!

      I didn’t actually say that there wasn’t any earning potential.  The problem lies in that, if you just want to sell products and make an income from sales, you’re just not going to make that much.  If you really want to make a decent income you really have to recruit – a lot!  The potential is there, but you really have to work at it and, if you hate recruiting, you’re destined to fail.

      There are good multi-level marketing programs out there, but keep in mind you have to be the type of person who enjoys direct selling and recruiting.  Don’t be lured in by the earning potential and think that all of a sudden you will enjoy selling and recruiting once you join.  I’ve reviewed a few multi-level marketing companies.  One of the good ones is H2O At Home.  You can read my review here.

      Keep in mind, there are so many other legitimate online business opportunities out there that do not require you to purchase any products or recruit people whatsoever.  Check out my #1 pick here

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