PayPal Phishing Scam Email – Watch Out!

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paypal phishing scam emailEvery day, we get tons of emails we have to sift through.  Most of the time it’s a store newsletter or sale and messages from your friends.  All’s well until you notice you got a message from PayPal stating that your account has been limited or suspended until they hear from you.  You get this horrible feeling in your stomach and panic starts to set in.  “OMG!  Somebody has ripped me off!”

No, they haven’t ripped you off, yet, but they will if you click on the email and follow their instructions.  It’s called a PayPal Phishing Scam Email and you better watch out!

Think about it for a moment.  Banks, credit card companies and PayPal have official policies and procedures in place should something really happen to your account.  THEY WILL NEVER SEND YOU AN EMAIL ASKING FOR PERSONAL INFORMATION OR TO SIGN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT FROM THE EMAIL!  To verify this simply call up your bank, credit card company or PayPal and they will tell you their policies.

When an institution requests you add personal information to your account through email, it is 100% bogus – an absolute fraud.  Don’t be a sucker!  And, do not open any attached files or click on any links in the email.  These fraudsters will end up clearing out your bank account, ruining your credit and even stealing your identity.  PayPal will never threaten you with limiting your account.  They just don’t do business that way.

Check Out These Typical PayPal Phishing Scam Emails

paypal phishing scam email


paypal phishing scam email


paypal phishing scam email


How to Identify A PayPal Phishing Scam Email

PayPal Will Never Ask You For The Following Information:

  • Bank Account or Credit Card Numbers
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Passwords

Look For Oddities:

  • Check the sender address
  • PayPal will never greet you as “Dear PayPal User” or “Dear Customer” and will always address you with the name you registered with them.
  • PayPal will never send you an email in a different language from what you registered in.


  • PayPal does not send you links to click on if they want you to update or add personal information. They will always request that you navigate and log in to your PayPal account directly.
  • PayPal will never ask you to open an attachment.

Always Check Your Browser For The Green Bar And Lock

Paypal Phishing Scam Email


Suspicious? – Google It!

You can find loads of information simply by searching the following terms.

  • Sender email address
  • Subject line
  • PayPal Phishing Email Address
  • PayPal Scam Alert


paypal phishing scam email


Report A PayPal Phishing Scam Email

If you ever receive a PayPal Phishing Scam Email, do yourself and others a favor by reporting them immediately to PayPal to investigate and you can be sure they do investigate it.

You can forward any suspicious emails here:

The Bottom Line

Sadly, you will encounter a PayPal Phishing Scam Email at some point or other.  Just remember: NEVER CLICK ON ANY LINKS OR ATTACHMENTS.  Go to PayPal directly to log in to your account.


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  1. Phil

    Hi there
    Great post and thanks for sharing this information. There is so much scamming going on nowadays, its so hard to tell which is legit or not.
    I do have a Paypal a/c, but I don’t do a lot with it. In saying that it would be a good idea to log in and update same.
    Those emails purporting to be from PP looked so genuine and its hard to tell that they are phising emails.
    Great post and many thanks for sharing
    I have bookmarked this post for future ref.
    Many thanks again and best wishes,
    Phil Browne.

    • Barb

      Hi, Phil! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I really love hearing from my readers.

      Yes, as you can tell from the the photos, they are very convincing. As long as you remember never to click on any links or attachments in the email and sign in directly to your PayPal account, you’ll be okay. I’m glad I could help.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for your article Barb. It is amazing how much more sophisticated and official looking these scams are becoming. I have almost been caught out before, but am now wise to them I think. The first thing I always check is the sender email address and usually I can spot immediately from that it is bogus.

    I love your tips though to spot a phishing email – I’d never thought about the fact PayPal would never address you as ‘Dear PayPal User’ but it makes total sense.

    • Barb

      Thanks, Steve, for dropping by and leaving a comment. I really love hearing from my readers. I agree. It’s getting really hard to tell the difference between a legit email and a bogus one. Just always stay safe and contact or sign in directly with PayPal.

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