What Is 12 Day Millionaire?☠ SCAM!

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12 Day Millionaire Review

Name: 12 Day Millionaire

Website: https://12daymillionaire.com

Price: $37 ($10 Discount If You Try To Leave)

Owners: Josh?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of 12 Day Millionaire. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

I know for certain that you want to discover how to make money online, that is why you are reading this review, yes?  I’m guessing that you want to free yourself from the rat race, become financially free and live the life you desire.

Indeed, the internet is the great frontier for discovering ways to accomplish that goal, but like any frontier – it has its outlaws.

You are here to discover whether 12 Day Millionaire is genuine or merely another scammer trying to steal your money.  Well, sadly, you’re going to be disappointed.

What Is 12 Day Millionaire About?

As stated by the sales pitch, the basic premise of 12 Day Millionaire is to supply you with “money-exploding, profit-punching” websites that can produce cash fast with hardly any to no work at at all.

Aside from that, it is hard to say precisely what this involves because they give no additional information.

If the only worry was blindly purchasing something, I might say that it is worth a chance, but there are many other alarm bells being set off by what’s displayed in the video that lead me to conclude that this is a scam.  Let’s take a closer look.

Overstated Earnings

The biggest omen for a scam online is overstated earnings.

Making money online is neither simple nor quick.  It is similar to any brick and mortar company in that it needs time to establish itself prior to becoming profitable.

As such, if an online system guarantees to make you hundreds of dollars per day from the beginning, it’s a huge alarm bell.

Supposedly, Josh amassed over $10-million dollars in merely 2 years and provides a few screenshots as evidence.

what is 12 day millionaire

The issue is this, screenshots are not evidence.  I can grab any website and manipulate it on my screen to display whatever I want it to, even a banking website.  Of course, it will not save, but that does not mean I could not increase my bank balance and take a screenshot of it.

Even if this isn’t what occurred here, there is no evidence that the money was made by following 12 Day Millionaire’s system.

What about the freshly made website, created for you when you began viewing the video?  Apparently, this website earns you $175 by the conclusion of the video.

This is baloney!  Not only was there no website created for you, but it didn’t make any money.  It is a lie to suck you in.

Also, the video refers to James who is apparently one of 12 Day Millionaire’s users.

If you take a closer look at the provided screenshot, you can distinctly see pixelization surrounding the amount of money made.  This is a clear indicator that the amount was manipulated; therefore, it’s bogus!

what is 12 day millionaire

Pre-Built Websites

As previously mentioned, when the video begins it indicates you have a pre-built website designed for you.

On top of that, it’s intended to be making you money.

How a brand new website can accomplish that is beyond me as 15 minutes (I’m being generous here.) isn’t sufficient time to have the website even indexed in Google let alone discovered by new people and earn money.

Except for the obvious problem of the website not being discovered, the fact that you’ll be copying the identical cashflow websites Josh uses is worrisome.  Identical websites can’t work in the search engines, as titans such as Google hate them and justly so.

This means that you’d have to direct traffic to the website yourself through paid advertisements or by spamming social media.

There is no indication of how this traffic will be produced, so my best bet is that you’ll receive no traffic and for that reason no money!

If It’s Too Good To Be True …

what is 12 day millionaire

Really?  Just because somebody tells you it is real does not mean it is!

If those behind this system tell you you are going to earn thousands of dollars in a miniscule amount of time, it is a scam because no business can accomplish this from scratch without a major investment and some amount of skills, neither of which are supposedly required with 12 Day Millionaire.

On top of that, Josh cannot disclose how the system really works.

what is 12 day millionaire

Imagine if I told you that I had a product that can transform trash into gold, and it will only cost you $50, would you purchase it without even seeing it accomplish this?  Heck no!

Then why would you purchase 12 Day Millionaire without actually seeing what it does?


Supposedly, this system is only accessible to a small few (yeah, sure it is…), but to make certain that you are serious they make you pay $37.

As expected, they aren’t too rigid with this because, if you attempt to leave the page, they will offer you a discount of $10.  Then an additional $10 if you attempt to leave again, so ultimately you might merely be paying $17 for the system.

Any product that decreases in price that rapidly and that freely is not trying to make sure you are serious, but merely after one thing – your cash!

Scarcity Strategy

All through the video, Josh, the narrator, tells you that you have to hurry up and purchase the system because the video will be shut down tonight.

He does not simply touch on this, but distinctly tells you numerous times.

Sadly, it’s a lie.  I quickly searched on Google to find out if anybody else reviewed this system.  Guess what?  They had a few days ago.  What this means is that the video was not shut down and I am pretty certain that months from now you will still be allowed to access it.

This is merely a strategy to make you hurry and not mull over things.

Bogus Testimonials

Did you happen to see all those cheerful people thrilled by the chunk of money they earned by using this system?

They are all bogus.  They are merely paid actors hired off of Fiverr.com:

what is 12 day millionaire

what is 12 day millionaire

You might say they hired actors rather than use real people.  Perhaps, but it is not clarified anywhere on the website, so I regard it as unethical, and so should you!

The Final Verdict

To be honest, I did not buy this system.  Why?  Well, I have seen so many scams I can tell right off from the sales pitch.

The overstated earnings claims, absence of real evidence, bogus testimonials and poorly Photoshopped earnings screenshots just reek scam!

On top of that, the copy and paste type of system won’t work.  At best, you will be receiving a cookie-cutter template of the identical website you saw and instructed to promote it.  That is not a genuine business, it’s hardly even a bogus business.

Let me be frank, you can possibly earn money with 12 Day Millionaire, but unless you possess a broad skill set and tons of marketing know-how, you are never going to earn anywhere near the stated number.

Even if you did possess all of these skills, you would be better off staying away from this so-called system and finding a legitimate way of making money online.


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  1. Jordan

    Thanks for the heads up! I dove so head-long into trying to make a living online I started out very vulnerable to these kinds of things.

    I’m frugal, and the prices usually stopped me just in time, but the keywords for these kinds of scams are undeniably attractive. Especially the ones that you see in Facebook funnels. They promise such quick and substantial income, it quickly sounds too good to be true.

    If I may ask, what are the best ways and places that you’ve found to make a living online?

    • Barb

      Hi, Jordan!  Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing.

      Yes, unfortunately, when people first are interested in starting an online business, they are unaware just how many scams are out there and tend to fall for the get rich quick schemes.  Over time, you learn that these types of business opportunities really are too good to be true.

      If you are looking for a proven, legitimate online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation.  You can read my full review here …and it’s free!

  2. brad

    This post was a real eye-opener to me. I always knew there were scams out there, but where is line between unethical and fraud? Are people who engage in this unconscionable activity ever brought to justice? The internet must be an incredibly difficult world to police due at least in part to the sheer volume of scams. I never imagined that it would be so easy to hire actors to say whatever they were paid to say. This was a real reality check for never me and identified many of the red flags to watch for such as the pixilation on promotional screenshots. Thank you.

    • Barb

      Hi, Brad!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing!

      I’m glad I was able to open your eyes to this scam.  Typically, scam websites are registered off shore to escape legal action.  The scam will last until people get wise to the fact that it’s a scam.  Then the scammers merely change the name of the product/website and start all over again.

      Yes, scammy programs always use paid actors because they won’t have any “real” testimonials as their product doesn’t work.

      If you are still looking for a proven, genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation.  You can learn all about here.


  3. Reyhana

    Wow, how did you uncover them as being fiverr actors? I would never have guessed. I know that this is their job and that’s what they do for a living but could these people at least not make sure they are promoting a legit business? It enrages me that so many people fall victim to scams like this because of their fake testimonials. Can’t the website and / or actors be stopped at all?

    • Barb

      Hi, Reyhana!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      Sadly, a lot of these scammers use the same actors.  When a sales video for a product I’m reviewing shows one of these actors, an alarm bell goes off automatically.  I couldn’t ethically make my living like that.  They obviously don’t care what they’re peddling as long as they make a buck.

      As far as shutting down the website goes, it usually stays up just long enough to make some cash, and then shuts down when people realize it’s a scam.

      There is hope.  If you are looking for a proven, genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation, and it’s FREE!  Click here to learn more!

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