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30 Minute Money Methods Review

Name: 30 Minute Money Methods

Website: http://30minutemoneymethods.com/

Price: $37 or $27 (If You Try To Leave The Site)

Owners: Shelly West?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of 30 Minute Money Methods. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to make $1,000 per hour?  Think of all the free time you’d have, all the while making well above the average wage.  Just picture it, you’d merely need to toil two complete 40-hour weeks, and you would be set for the remainder of the year!

Or, you could toil the entire year, earn over $2-million dollars, and never again need to work another day in your life.  Awesome!  Picture everything possible that $2-million dollars would bear …

Okay, back to the real world.

Did your heart pump a bit quicker visualizing all the possibilities that money would bring?  Did it appear like all your worries would magically vanish?  Do you want your shot at that $2-million with hardly any or no work?

That’s the exact mentality 30 Minute Money Methods wishes you to be in as they propose you can make $500 in merely 30 minutes.


Because it convinces you to think illogically.

Shelly West’s 30 Minute Money Methods

Let’s begin with the sales presentation.

The spokesperson for this scam, oops, I mean system, is Shelly West and I doubt she is a real person.

The predominant focus of the sales presentation is a video, and it sets off a ton of alarm bells.

Bogus Proof Of Earnings

what is 30 minute money methods about

I’ve talked about this many times, but videos or screenshots of bank statements are not trustworthy.  These can quite easily be fabricated using Photoshop or elemental web design skills.

As such, you just can’t trust screenshots as evidence — all it confirms is how skillful one is with websites and art software.

Phony Testimonials

what is 30 minute money methods about

I understand not everybody who provides a testimonial wishes to show up on video, and actors are occasionally used; however, this system does not mention it anyplace on the video or even in their disclaimer/terms.

This is an extremely bad practice and gets you wondering whether the testimonials are actually real!

Hard Luck Story

Stories create sales, and stories that identify with their audience sell even better.  Shelly recounts a classic hard luck story that sincerely most of us can identify with in some way or another.  The problem is I just don’t buy it.

Supposedly, she stumbled upon not just one, but two secret websites that made her loads of cash.  She does not clarify what these websites are, and they don’t in any way relate to the existing content of 30 Minute Money Methods.

There is absolutely nothing about this story that holds up.  It’s too incidental.

Impractical Earnings Claims

The system’s biggest alarm bell has to do with the earnings claims.  While you can earn decent money on the internet either as an entrepreneur or freelancer, the kind of money that is claimed here is absurd.

You can’t anticipate making $500 in merely 30 minutes from the start with hardly any to zero experience and absolutely no customer base.

Even folks who do earn that kind of money put in hours upon hours and a lot of time and effort to arrive at the stage whereby they can earn that kind of money.

Essentially, 30 Minute Money Methods is offering up hopes and dreams with not very much in the way of genuine earnings claims.

It’s way too good to be true.  That’s because it is!

What Are The Money Methods?

The system’s content consists of various PDF files that apparently demonstrate how you can make $500 in only 30 minutes.

So, do you want to know what the secret is?

You could give freelancing a try…

…or, peddling stock photography…

…or, playing online games…

…annnnnnnd, I’m done.

Not any of these methods are going to earn you $500 in merely 30 minutes.  Come on.  You would have to work your butt off to make any kind of money whatsoever.

The information provided is generic and readily available on the internet.  Literally, there is nothing new going on here and not one of the methods discussed will make you the kind of money they are claiming in the sales presentation.

Now, I do know some freelancers who have taken on projects valued at $500 or even more, and they can indeed complete the project within 30 minutes; however, these are seasoned professionals with ten years or more of experience who can dictate that amount because they provide that type of value.

You are not going to become wealthy peddling photos, not when leading newspapers are laying off their whole photojournalism staff, or by playing online video games.  That is simply never going to occur.

Strange Comments

The comments displayed on their website are strange.  First, they don’t even seem authentic.  There is simply something not quite right about them.

This is particularly the case when you see the questions asked, which are apparently replied to by Shelly — they come across like FAQs.

Another reason I believe these are bogus is the comment form.  You can leave a comment too, kind of.  When you add your specifics, it directs you to their shopping cart to purchase the product.

I didn’t give them a real email address when I checked it out, shout out to Guerrilla Mail, but I thought it rather interesting that it instantly adds you to an email list without your consent.

what is 30 minute money methods about

Had I have used a genuine email address, there is no doubt in my mind I’d begin to receive spam emails in some form or another, or even have my email address sold to other scammers.

what is 30 minute money methods about


The system is listed at $37; however, you can grab it for $27 should you attempt to leave the site.

This may not appear to cost a lot, but hold on for the upsells.

what is 30 minute money methods about

In accordance with 30 Minute Money Methods affiliate page, an affiliate can promote it and earn up to $139.  What this means is it’s going to cost you way more than that, rather like $200 if you purchase all of the upsells.

While upsells in themselves are not a bad thing, going by the quality of the product here, the upsells are more than likely just as bad quality.

Saving Grace

The only redeeming feature this program has is the payment processor, Clickbank, which is extremely friendly for consumers.

If you want to receive a refund, just go on over to the support portal for Clickbank and start a ticket.  I wouldn’t waste your time attempting to go through Shelly West’s support email.

The Final Verdict

30 Minute Money Methods is using overstated claims and hype to sell you a trashy product.  They want you to buy it no questions asked.

It’s just a cash grab.  That’s all.

The disparity between what the product actually does and what the sales presentation says is broad and I believe wouldn’t do too well under close examination by a governing body.

Stay away from this one.  You might as well just flush $27 down the toilet.


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30 Minute Money Methods☠
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30 Minute Money Methods is nothing more than a cash grab. There are so many legitimate systems out there you’d do best to steer clear of this scam.


  1. Sherman

    You make some very valid points in this article. It can become a bit confusing and somewhat irritating when those attempting to market their product online do so by bashing another type of opportunity or putting out misinformation. I’ve found that the majority of review sites do this albeit in a sneaky sort of way. That wasn’t the case here. You led by pointing out some false and exaggerated information in a factual way and managed to make the reader aware of the fact that much of what they think they see may, in fact, be false information

    Great job and thanks for posting this in a responsible way!



    • Barb

      Hi, Sherman!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing!

      I’m glad you find my review of some benefit.  I try to point out factual information in all my reviews, and try to be as transparent as possible about products that I recommend.

      Like you mentioned, there are so many reviews out there that purposely put out misinformation about a product in order to peddle their own.  I try to be as factual as possible.  When I do recommend a product, it’s based on real information.


  2. Lee Ann

    I really wish I had seen your site last year. I had the pleasure of dealing with Shelly West. Except I gave my real email and let me tell you. I caught on real quick and asked for my money back the very next day. Then I would receive emails, about what my next step is, but it wasn’t the next step to getting my money back. That process took a couple of months. I am definitely learning what not to do.
    Thank you for such detailed information. The proof of income, I have seen this. Actually on quite a few sites that i have visited as well. And you have the phrase they use to sell you on ,as well as how it makes you feel hearing it down to a science.
    When I stumbled upon your site I had to read the heading twice. But your point is well taken and is so true.
    I hope others find their way to your site and save themselves money and aggravation.

    • Barb

      Hi, Lee Ann!  Thanks so much for telling us all what you experienced.

      I am so sorry that you had to go through all that.  It makes me so angry when I hear stories such as this where good people trying to earn an income online are scammed.  It makes it hard to sift through all the trash and find something legit which is why I try to get the word out about these scams as soon as they arise.

      Now, if you are looking for a proven, legitimate online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation and it’s free to try.  You can learn more about it here.


  3. Justina Wolfe

    It does sound good to make that much money in 30 minutes but like you said it can’t be true! You have to work for your money and earn it! people just share their success stories and never tell how hard they had to work first and how many hours they put in before they saw any success!
    I’ve had a very good experience with WA and I would also recommend that anyone looking for real stories and real money should definitely check in with wealthy affiliate!

    • Hi, Justina! Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      People are always looking for ways to get rich quick, but it just doesn’t work that way. It’s just like a singer who is suddenly an “overnight success,” when really it took them 25 years to get there.

      I’m so glad you found Wealthy Affiliate. They are, in fact, my top recommendation for creating a successful online business!

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