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Altcoin Trends Review

Name: Altcoin Trends

Website: https://altcoin-trends.com

Price: Free Software, ($250 Investment w Broker)

Owners: Andrew Frost

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Altcoin Trends. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

The increasing amount of cryptocurrencies is bewildering; it seems like a brand new token or currency is being revealed every day.

Keeping track of them all is difficult, let alone determining which ones are a worthwhile investment?

Time was that with any type of investment, you would meet with a local broker who would navigate you through the minefield of investments.

Nowadays, you are probably going to look to the internet to find help, and this is where the danger lies.  Not only has there been a rapid increase in cryptocurrencies, but the amount of scams have increased too and at a much larger rate!

Altcoin Trends is lining itself up as a progressive and secure method of trading cryptocurrencies, but this system has a great deal to be leery of!

Andrew Frost’s Altcoin Trends

The sales presentation for this system (despite it not requesting any cash, it’s still a sales presentation) is rather slick, with many elements you would see in a legit business and some not so obvious warning signs, but they’re there.

The Sales Presentation

Typically, this sort of video hooks you in from the start by saying that you are going to have access to the “most powerful trading software in the world.”

This is for the most part an outright lie as the software you are getting access to is actually the brokers, and it’s not that special.

Also starting early, are the earnings claims which suggest you can earn $3,000+ a day every day.

It continues by telling you arbitrary stories about how they discovered the missing piece that creates them boat loads of money with cryptocurrencies, but they do not state precisely what this missing piece is or how it works.

The video tediously goes on spewing arbitrary information and falsehoods without really providing one single bit of authentic information.  It’s designed merely to persuade you to hand over your email address and sign up (you will then be labeled as somebody who is curious and spammed mercilessly) and progress you through the sales funnel toward the ultimate goal of you forking over cash to the broker.

On top of that, the video says the software has an accuracy rate of 93%, which is incredible in traditional trading let alone in the risky, unpredictable world of trading in cryptocurrencies.  It’s so incredible that I would shout this out as a lie, particularly, when the very next thing said is that there aren’t any risks!

what is altcoin trends about

Just to be clear, here’s what the market looked like when I researched this article:


what is altcoin trends about

At CoinMarketCap, practically every coin within the top 100, on average, is exhibiting a loss of 30%.  This market is extremely risky, similar to gambling.

Outrageous Earnings Claims

There are many earnings claims stated throughout the sales presentation for Altcoin Trends, all of which are ridiculous and most likely fake.

For instance, let’s look at the $3,025 in only 24 hours claim.  There is no evidence to support this.  It’s just there to appeal to your sense of greed and greed perverts rational thinking.

what is altcoin trends about

The so-called member accounts have a similar situation.  First, who would hand over a bank statement screenshot to a company and permit them to plaster it online?

what is altcoin trends about

Second, these bank statements appear to have been altered in Photoshop — even if you can’t see it has been altered, it is very easy to alter a website briefly and take a screenshot of it.  It doesn’t look any different until the page is refreshed.

Without any real proof of how this cash was made and evidence that the cash truly was made, these claims are of no use.

Bogus Testimonials

A good way to relieve people’s fears are through testimonials or social proof.  If other people are using it and nobody is complaining, then it’s sure to be good.

That is why it is disgusting to see Altcoin Trends using stock images in their testimonials.

what is altcoin trends about

You might be asking yourself why this is so bad?  Well, by utilizing stock images, it typically means the real testimonial is bogus too: bogus name, and bogus quote.

There is absolutely nothing here that confirms the people pictured in these testimonials or the words they have written are genuine, meaning what you are seeing is useless and more likely a ploy to gain your trust.

Shifty Broker

Altcoin Trends ultimately drives you toward the broker, Greenfields Capital, that is paying their commissions.  The issue is that Greenfields Capital is unregulated and implies it originates in London, UK, but going by the fact that the company’s director is a resident and citizen of Bulgaria, the company actually originates in Bulgaria.

Premium Peak Ltd, a company created as recently as the end of August 2017 and through which the broker operates, is registered as a marketing and press agency.

After performing a search of this company on Google, the primary reviews aren’t very encouraging at all, including a few scores of one out of five and indications that the broker is a big scam.

what is altcoin trends about

A collection of outstanding reviews…

Apparently, we can’t come to a suitable conclusion founded on all of this, but it does indicate that this company was put together quickly and is possibly NOT the greatest broker out there.  You can make your own conclusions I’m certain.

Another Dubious Issue

All right, let’s assume you still consider Altcoin Trends an authentic site, one that actually wants to assist you in making money rather than ripping you off.

Tell me then why the (non-secure) HTTP version of the website directs to an illegal site for downloading movies?

what is altcoin trends about

Shifty cryptocurrency scam AND a film pirating site.  What a multitasker!

This does not appear to be the work of a legitimate, reputable company, yes?

The Final Verdict

Altcoin Trends is just what is known as a lead generator — it is created to channel you towards the broker’s website where you’ll conceivable make a deposit.  If you do, the people responsible for Altcoin Trends will receive a commission and the broker attempts to extract as much cash out of you as possible.

There is no software in existence that will make you extremely rich or an incredible team backing Altcoin Trends, it is merely window dressing.  This kind of scam has been carrying on for years and years with Binary Options, and with the increase in Bitcoin etc., it has simply exchanged to cryptocurrencies.

Putting aside the extremely risky nature of trading, Altcoin Trends supplies nothing but overstated claims that it can’t confirm and bogus information all created to lure you in.

Stay far away from this one!


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Altcoin Trends☠
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Altcoin Trends is merely a lead generator created to channel you towards a broker who will milk you for everything you’ve got. Stay away from this scam at all costs!

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