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Fast Lane Lifestyle Review

Name: Fast Lane Lifestyle

Website: http://fastlanelifestyle.net

Price: $47 ($17 If you try to exit without buying.)

Owners: Tim Fletcher?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Fast Lane Lifestyle. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

There are so many different kinds of scams out there.  Let’s face it.  All of the internet marketing and, in particular, the making money online niches are scattered with them.

That’s unfortunate because internet marketing genuinely is a legitimate way of making money, if you can bypass all the scams and unscrupulous marketers that just want to snatch your cash and leave you far worse financially than when you signed up.

So, you’ve stumbled upon an opportunity to make money online and you’re wondering, and rightly so, “What is Fast Lane Lifestyle About?”  Let’s take a look.

Earpiercing Alarm Bells

I’m going to be totally honest with you here.  I did not purchase this system.

Why?  Well, frankly, this system does not merit my hard-earned cash even to examine it.  The sales pitch sets off too many alarm bells and I do not recommend it because of them.

Let me spell out some of the problems for you.

Jacked Up Earnings Claims

Right away, the sales pitch claims you can earn as much as $1,597.42 a day with a mere five minutes of setup.

what is fast lane lifestyle about

These earnings claims repeat all through the sales videos.  However, even though the kind of money they are claiming is attainable, it is quite unlikely you will achieve it in the time frame specified.

For instance, a “member” showcased in the video says he earned $41,312.70 in the course of a month after buying the system.

Yeah, right.  There is no system anywhere that will take a complete beginner from nothing to $41,312.70 in four weeks, particularly, at the aforementioned price point.

The online money making systems that suggest such earnings claims all end up being scams.  Because if one were actually authentic, I’d be doing it and telling the whole world about it!

Bogus Members And Testimonials

Quite often, marketers will use stock photos and actors for their product testimonials.   Every now and then they come right out and tell you they are.

Fast Lane Lifestyle hires people from Fiverr.com to make their video testimonials and mere stock photos for profiles of its members yet they do not mention this on their website whatsoever.

what is fast lane lifestyle

Why should anybody believe the testimonials if the people giving them are not even real life members?  You certainly shouldn’t!

The dude who stated he earned $41,312.70, consider him a liar.  As far as you should be concerned, Hank, Fast Lane Lifestyle’s oldest member, doesn’t even exist.

what is fast lane lifestyle about

Ah, poor, pathetic Hank.  Even he knows this is a mere stock photo.

Bogus Spokesperson

The dude behind it all is Tim Fletcher, Fast Lane Lifestyle’s face of the company.  Certainly, you can place your trust in the owner’s hands since he’s secure in putting his face to the system, yes?


what is fast lane lifestyle about

The above photo is supposedly Tim.  Rather, it is merely a stock photo, unless he is a teacher located in Canada and the UK, and is peachy keen with his picture being part of Getty Images.

what is fast lane lifestyle about

Boy, does Tim get around or what?

If the individual behind this system lies about their identity, how are you supposed to put your faith in their system?

Slamming Gurus

The fact that Fast Lane Lifestyle emphasizes putting down gurus and their competition in their sales pitch is merely to mislead you into believing they are actually on your side, that they too have been deceived and they have got your back.

what is fast lane lifestyle about

Gurus such as the folks responsible for Fast Lane Lifestyle?

Unproven Earnings

Only one screenshot about earnings is displayed in the whole sales pitch video and, unfortunately, it doesn’t provide any proof whatsoever.

The screenshot appears to be from an agency like ClickBetter and in essence provides no proof that you are going to make anywhere near the money like what they are showing.

It’s highly likely that the money that was made in the screenshot was made from an entirely different product, or they simply used Photoshop.

what is fast lane lifestyle about

This is not proof!

No Details

Talking about an absence of details, there is actually nothing at all in the video that discloses what you’ll be handing over $47 for.

Sure, it talks about having their system develop a website for you, or several, and that said websites can earn you $1,000 per day, but exactly how?

what is fast lane lifestyle aboutThere is zero information and that is rather worrisome.  If the system does work, they shouldn’t have any apprehension talking about how it actually works.

I expect that, at best, you are going to be provided with pre-developed websites that will autoblog.  Autoblogging is the process of seizing content from other websites and then publishing it through the use of software on your own website.

This process used to work rather well until Google made the decision that this is deemed duplicate content and will penalize any website that does such.  By penalizing, I mean your website will not be indexed and not appear in Google.

And, this does not even begin to go over the ethics of stealing somebody’s content without their permission.

Success Story

what is fast lane lifestyle aboutEveryone loves a good success story, and marketers understand that a good story will sell products.  At this point, that is why Fast Lane Lifestyle gives you their rags to riches story.

Their story is rather hazy though.  Supposedly, Tim Fletcher’s 4-year old daughter shamed him over his poverty.  So, he went out to find some people who also didn’t succeed in making any money online, and they miraculously managed to overcome their earlier failures by discovering all the gurus’ secrets.  Poof!  They developed this awesome product that went on to make them millionaires.

Worrisome Methods

I referred earlier about autoblogging and, while I cannot verify this questionable method is actually being utilized, the sales video stated something else rather worrisome.

what is fast lane lifestyle about

I’m wasting my time with SEO? Are they nuts?

What he is essentially saying is that he is not going to use any of the proven methods of developing a website organically inside the search engines.

Yet, you are expected to believe that you can generate an income with these websites?

The most probable reason is that these websites will never, ever rank inside the search engines by any means because there is duplicate content spread across thousands of other websites that are skimpy or bad quality.

This is simply an excuse to disguise garbage cookie cutter websites!

Another worrisome aspect is the amount of time you are expected to spend making all this money – a mere hour per day?

what is fast lane lifestyle about

I’d love to work only an hour per day.  That would be awesome!  Mind you, I do know a few people who only work an hour per day and they are either 1) people with no initiative and no accomplishments who will no way ever earn any substantial income and 2) people who have devoted years to working their bums off to create a business that can hold up on its own, so they are capable of working whatever and whenever they want.

You cannot achieve this level in merely a day, week or even a month like Fast Lane Lifestyle alleges you can.

It’s similar to those overnight success stories you’ve heard of that were 25 years in the making.  Hard work = success!

Sincerely, there is no method of making $1,000 per day without putting in the work, or having a massive trust fund.

It’s An Illusion

what is fast lane lifestyle aboutYou see, this is the thing.  Fast Lane Lifestyle is not hocking a product to make money for you, but rather they’re selling you the illusion of making money.

The last section of the video has you focusing on all the things you can do with all this alleged money that’s going to be coming to you: paying off debt, financial freedom, lots of vacations, blah, blah, blah.

The entire purpose of this is to, one more time, lead you away from considering whether it’s a wise purchase, and rather have you consider the awesome things you are going to be doing with all the cash you do not really have.

The Cost

My last worry is the cost of Fast Lane Lifestyle’s system.

It’s rather a cheap price for a system that alleges to make you over $1,000 a day!

Then the cost drops to a mere $17, after you attempt to leave the page but remain.  This kind of tactic is devised as an attempt to obtain some cash out of those who are not persuaded by the primary sales pitch, but maybe will purchase it at a cheaper cost.

what is fast lane lifestyle about

This alone demonstrates that the people who are responsible for the system do not care about the future of your finances, merely their own!

The Final Verdict

what is fast lane lifestyle about

Like Fast Lane Lifestyle!!!!

I cannot say with all certainty that Fast Lane Lifestyle is an outright scam.  After all, I didn’t purchase it.

With that being said, there are just too many alarm bells going off in Fast Lane Lifestyle’s sales pitch that I advise you to get as far away as possible from them because I just don’t believe their system will measure up to their claims.

I definitely do not believe you’ll be capable of making a workable or sustainable online business using their system.

In essence, steer clear of Fast Lane Lifestyle.


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Fast Lane Lifestyle’s sales pitch sets off too many alarm bells. It’s best to walk – no run far, far away from them!


  1. Thomas

    Unfortunately there is so much of this stuff online. The worst part about the scammers is that they take advantage of desperate people that are all ready in dire straights and can ill afford even the $17 door knob offer. Thank you for taking the time to expose this stuff.

    • Barb

      Hi, Thomas!

      I’m so glad I could help.  I really want to save people from heartache and wasting their hard-earned cash.

      Yes, sadly, that’s true.  These scammers prey on vulnerable, desperate people who end up in an even worse financial situation than when they started.

      It is really important to not buy into something simply based on your emotions.  It’s best to do one’s due diligence and find a legitimate online business opportunity.


  2. Rob

    I think anything ith fast lane in the title is probably a scam! Anything online takes at least six months at the earliest unless you’re insanely lucky, but you can’t build a businss selling luck. It disgusts me how people attempt to scam other’s out of their money when they would probably make more just doing it the legit way like everyone else. Nice review, thanks for ousting the dirt bags of online marketing!

  3. javier

    Fast Lane to Bankruptcy lol. Very funny and entertaining way to put it. Sad thing is that people will buy into those make $$$$/day. I am sure if they do a little research they will see this article, and not harm suffered. Thank you for the great review! definitely, that “company” is a fiasco. Fiverr actors, stock photos…. come on lol Keep the great work Barb

    • Barb

      Hi, Javier!

      Thanks Javier!  I’m so glad to help.  I really want to help people avoid being ripped off and make informed decisions as to what they are getting themselves into.


  4. asmithxu

    It is crazy that they used a stock photo and said that it was the owner. It was really helpful that you went through all the red flags of a business so that we are better able to see these on our own. It is a little mysterious how they actually expect you to make money because they didn’t provide any details. I am also glad that you suggested a program that is worth trying out at the end.

    Quick question: What type of work should people put in if they expect to make money online??

    • Barb

      Hi, Asmithxu!

      I’m so glad I was able to help you out.  My mission is to provide information so that people can make informed decisions and avoid being scammed.  If you are interested in a legitimate online business opportunity, definitely check out my top recommendation here.

      I’m assuming, when you say type of work, you mean the number of hours you should put in.  Well, like anything, you get out of it what you put into it.  As long as you are persistent and don’t give up, you’re bound to succeed.  All too often people give up because they want immediate results.   You have to remember that you are building a business and that takes time.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Those who give up are usually those that purchase program after program after program because they want a quick fix and it just doesn’t work that way.

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