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Four Dollar Click Review

Name: Four Dollar Click

Website: https://fourdollarclick.com

Price: Free

Owners: ?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Four Dollar Click. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

When people think about making money online, many desire an easy ride.  They want to make money by virtually doing nothing, hence the increase in websites that promise they will pay you a good deal of money for performing easy tasks.

One of these websites is Four Dollar Click  (and its related websites Seven Dollar Click and Three Dollar Click).

This website claims it will give you four dollars for simply clicking a link to an advertisement.  Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Let’s check it out!

What Is Four Dollar Click?

Essentially, you sign up, click a few links that direct you to a few websites and you make four dollars for performing that action; however, you have to pay so that you’re allowed to withdraw.  This reeks of a scam already!

what is four dollar click

Excessive Earnings Claims

The first alarm bell that goes off with Four Dollar Click and its related sites is the chunk of money you make for clicking an advertisement.

Today, nobody is actually going to pay you four dollars to simply click on an advertisement.  Why would they?  I’ll be it there are a few competing niches where advertising costs are higher than four dollars, but these are sparse.

The majority of genuine (and I say this term rather loosely) websites that give people money to click on links might pay one cent per click, occasionally a teeny bit more, and frequently under one cent!

Also, any established marketer would take a glimpse of Four Dollar Click and grasp that they are compensating people for clicking the advertisements, and those people are merely clicking the advertisements to get paid.  Those clicking aren’t interested in what the advertisement is pushing, which means the costs for advertising are actually a big waste of cash.

They’d be better off shelling out more for a sure-fire, targeted click instead of what Four Dollar Click is providing which is essentially playing the clicker and advertiser off of one another.

You Must Pay To Withdraw

There have been a few sites I have reviewed on Rich Artist Starving Artist which make people pay for work or pay to allow them access to their cash exactly like Four Dollar Click does.

Not one of these websites are genuine.  Not at any point should you be required to pay for work or, in this circumstance, pay to be able to withdraw the money you earned!

On top of that, the costs to gain access to your own money are rather exorbitant with the minimal cost being $59.99 a month or, for lifetime access, a lump sum of $799.  There are even higher tiers!

what is four dollar click

Supposedly, the more costly options permit you to acquire access to part of the earnings (25% to 100%) of anybody you refer to the website.

This may seem appealing, but where does that cash come from?

Look at it like this, advertisers can purchase packages of advertisements that come out to one cent per advertisement (or less), yet you are meant to make four dollars per click and possibly up to an extra four dollars per click contingent on the package you purchase.

So, where exactly does this cash come from?  Nobody knows!

Their Terms Are Ludicrous

Best of luck getting paid, even if you do pay the fee and achieve the payout threshold (which is rather high)!

The terms for this website are especially vague, loose and contentious.

what is four dollar click

Let me draw attention to a portion of that for you:

what is four dollar click

This essentially means they can mess with the rules of the game anytime they want without telling you.

Further, check out their inactivity clause where you forfeit your banked earnings if you do not log in and click every six days!

what is four dollar click

When you take a look at them in entirety, Four Dollar Click’s terms are created to provide them with as many means of escape as possible to dodge paying you.  They can say you violated their terms pretty much anytime for whatever reason they can cook up so they don’t have to pay you!

Now, you probably believe I’m not being fair here because the website offers proof that they are paying people.  Yes, it does, but that so-called proof is trash.  It’s merely a list of usernames, ID’s and the amounts paid.  This isn’t proof because it simply might be generated by code.  All you require is a batch of names and then give someone proficient in code half an hour and you too can acquire a generated list of proof of payment.  Regard this list with a pinch of salt as it provides no proof whatsoever!

what is four dollar click

Loads of Complaints

If you search around Google, there are loads of disgruntled people out there who have either been purposely disregarded when they wanted a payout or informed that they violated the terms.

There are a few positive reviews, and while I cannot prove it, I am certain those positive reviews are bogus.

It is truly no surprise that there are loads of negative reviews regarding these websites as their business model is not stable.  There simply is not enough cash to pay folks!

what is four dollar click

Hidden Owners

Always be cautious of a business that holes up behind anonymity.

If you take a look, there is no phone number, contact address or even a business name.  There is, however, a contact form, but that does not prove it is an authentic business which can be held culpable.

You have no clue who the owner is because the s/he is undisclosed by WhoisGuard.

Would you trust handing over your money to a business you know absolutely nothing about?  I know for sure I wouldn’t!

The Final Verdict

I heartily suggest you stay away from Four Dollar Click and its related websites (Seven Dollar Click and Three Dollar Click) because they are all scams!

There is absolutely no way that this business model can hold up by paying people four to eight dollars for clicking on an advertisement/link, particularly, when the income they receive from advertisers averages one cent or less per advertisement.

To be realistic, Four Dollar Click will make money off of your exertions and then discover a reason not to pay you, which is made amazingly simple by their vague and inhospitable terms.

Also, you will have provided your personal information (and conceivably you credit card details) to a stranger or group of strangers who definitely do not have your best interests at heart!

This is a big fat scam.  Stay away!


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  1. Bo Tipton

    Well I commend you for being honest. So many reviews are afraid to tell it like it really is. I can not believe that this site actually has people signing up for it. Well, really I can because there a lot of good people who need money that might get caught in this trap.

    That is what I see. I think is it interesting that if you request a payout and during that time your premium upgrade is canceled you don’t get paid.

    Red Flags everywhere and thank you for an honest review that points the red flags out.

    • Barb

      Hi, Bo!  Thanks for sharing!

      I’m all about telling it like it really is.  If I can save someone from being scammed, I’ve done my job.

      This is the thing with these scam systems.  They make everything sound so great, but then you discover all the loopholes they can use to avoid paying you.  I’m glad to see that you are doing your research.  Kudos to you!

      If you are still looking for a genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation.  Check out my full review here.


  2. Roopesh

    I agree with you that most genuine PTC sites pay you less than a dollar to view an ad. I had the annoying experience of joining two of these legit sites.

    On one of them, over a period of three weeks, I had earned a total of 0.01024cents, way less than a dollar. And to make it even more frustrating is the fact that before even viewing the ad, I had to go through 3 capture pages to qualify.

    So, when it comes to four dollar click, I have no doubt that it is a whole lot of nonsense. As you mentioned you got to pay to get your money. Utter garbage.

    Thanks so much for exposing these scammers. It has helped me and I know that the work you are doing will help others too.


    • Barb

      Hi, Roopesh!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      I’m so sorry that you wasted your time and money with those scammy websites, but at least you learned from that experience.

      Four Dollar Click is a big fat scam.  Nobody should have to pay to receive their earnings!

      These scammers really urk me because people truly are searching for legitimate ways to make money online and have to try and sift through all the scams.  This is why I’ve made it my mission to expose as many of these scams as possible and I’m glad that I was able to help.

      If you are still looking for a legitimate way to make money online, you can do no better than my #1 pick and it’s FREE!  You can read my full review here.


  3. Jacqueline

    Interesting product…I’ve just signed up to Google Adsense and read in their terms and conditions that you will be penalised, in fact, your account will be suspended if you *tell* people to click adverts.

    Four Dollar Click must be making HUGE sums by using this direct method and I believe many people fall for schemes like these as it looks like a great way to earn money without doing a lot of work. Just sit and click away. lol

    You have mentioned a lot of red flags, which hopefully people will see and not sign up for this scam. However, you will have those who are new to the world of online investments and will no doubt be dazzled by this ‘opportunity’.

    Thanks for flagging up this scam.

    • Barb

      Hi, Jacqueline!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      Interesting point.  Nothing really surprises me now when it comes to these scammers.  They’ll say and do anything to steal your money.

      The sad thing is that people are always looking for a get rich quick scheme, and they are all just scams.  You don’t get rich overnight and any successful entrepreneur will tell you that.

      Yes, there will always be someone taken in by the pretty picture these scammers paint.  Unfortunately, it is those who are the most vulnerable.  Good for you for doing your research.

      If you are interested in a genuine online business opportunity, check out my #1 pick here – and it’s FREE!


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