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Instant Income Generator Review

Name: Instant Income Generator

Website: http://instantincomegenerator.com

Price: $97 +Upsells

Owners: ?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Instant Income Generator. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

How’d you like to make over $350,000 a year?  Me! Me! Me!  Don’t we all?  But, here’s the thing.  Precisely how will you set about earning the $1,000 a day that you require so you can make that much cash?

Jobs do exist that pay that kind of money, but most of us do not have the experience, skills or networking to secure such a well-paid position.

That is why everybody is trying to make money online.  Unfortunately, the making money online niche is loaded with scammers making tons of money by deceiving you.  So, when I come across systems and products claiming to make people huge amounts of cash, like Instant Income Generator’s assertion you can make $1,000 per day, my internal alarm bells go off like crazy.  So, what is Instant Income Generator?

Alarm Bells

Right away, when you watch Instant Income Generator’s sales pitch, several sections scream SCAM!

First of all, the bar at the top that asserts the product recently received tons of media attention and displays a few of the more well-known network news logos.

what is instant income generator

This is pure baloney!  It’s a popular trick used by unscrupulous people to try and make you believe their system is authentic.

A simple search of “Instant Income Generator” on any of the above networks comes up with absolutely nothing about them at all.

The next alarm bell is the countdown for limited positions.  This is a bogus timer.  If you come back tomorrow,  you will still have lots of time to sign up.

Forget about the video for now, the remainder of the page has even more alarm bells.

what is instant income generator

Supposedly, this system can make you twice as much money as a generously paid CEO, calls for no experience, skills or, well, nothing!

what is instant income generator

*Information provided by Payscale.com

Doesn’t that come across rather odd?  It should.  The plan here is to get you excited about the money and then assure you that anybody can do it.

In reality, in order to be successful you require both skills and experience.  Is it possible to do internet marketing without any knowledge?  Yes, but you’ll be lousy at it until you do get the skills required to earn a respectable income.

The fact that Instant Income Generator requires no skills, in addition to the outrageous earnings claims, is a massive omen.

I have two additional problems with their sales pitch.

The first problem I have are with the symbols for the security check.  These symbols should direct you to a website that confirms Instant Income Generator’s website was examined by them and so on.  They do not.  Rather, the individual or individuals responsible for this scam merely added a few images from the web to imply it is a secure website.  That’s shifty!

what is instant income generator


Second, the copyright for this system is from Home Earning System.  This signifies the same individuals responsible for that system likely created Instant Income Generator.  Essentially, they’re a scam.  So, it’s easy to conclude that Instant Income Generator is a scam too!

Promotional Video

What impacts me the most regarding the video is it is not the usual pitch.  Typically, you’d be presented with the narrator’s rags to riches story, perhaps a part that slams all the other systems on the internet, and a ton of images conveying a life of luxury.

This video, however, says the ideal way of making money through the internet is not to focus on the cash, but to focus on solving people’s problems.

what is instant income generator

This totally makes sense.  I was astonished by it.  If you viewed the video without the alarm bells found elsewhere on the website, you would maybe even believe it is a legitimate system.

The sales pitch part arrives at the end where it implies that what you’ll be purchasing is a starter system to skyrocket your journey to success.

Pandora’s Box Of Evil

Okay, I did not purchase this system.  There are simply too many alarm bells going off for me to make it justify the effort and expense.  With that said, you could possibly make some money with Instant Income Generator,  I simply doubt you’ll make any kind of decent income for a few reasons.

The system you will receive will come with things such as email templates, opt-in forms and so on, but all of it will be duplicate content that everybody else who purchases it will also receive.

You won’t receive any further training unless, of course, they sell you some.

The content will also instruct you to target making money online and internet marketing niches.  While these are profitable and evergreen niches, they also are the worst for rookies as they are extremely competitive and congested niches.

Putting up a couple of pre-designed landing pages and shelling out tons of money to send traffic to them is probably not going to earn you a profit anytime soon. 

What’s likely to happen is you’ll lose a boatload of money and altogether abandon internet marketing.

The Final Verdict

Instant Income Generator encompasses all that is reprehensible with affiliate marketing.  They are attempting to advertise an authentic opportunity as a get rich quick gimmick.  They will supply you with crappy, out-of-date training, all the while pumping you up with all kinds of lies so you hand over your credit card information without a thought.

You’ll more than likely wind up having to spend a ton of more money prior to you seeing even a couple of dollars in return.  The earnings claim of $1,000 a day with hardly any or no work is utter baloney.


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Instant Income Generator is just another scam likely by the same people behind the Home Earning System scam. If one is a scam, in all likelihood so is the other.


  1. Chris

    1 out 5! wow! well its great that you reviewed this platform for everybody even thought nobody is really going to click the links for it and go buy it after what you wrote. Thanks for giving value and writing the article on the bad as well as the good. You’ve probably saved a lot of people qutie a bit of money and headaches i imagine.

    • Barb

      Hi, Chris!

      I certainly hope they don’t go out and purchase it.  Total scam!  My goal is to allow people to make informed decisions when it comes to buying into such opportunities.

      If you are interested in a legitimate online business opportunity, check out my number one pick here.


  2. Amazon LaShaun

    That’s one to watch out for. It doesn’t look legit at all. I was surprised to find out none of the sites they listed returned any results. I’d always assumed if they could put their logos on their sites, it must be because they were really endorsed by them.

    Surprise, surprise. I’m shocked at how low people will stoop to make a dollar. Thanks, also, for providing a link to a company that is legit. That’s always helpful.

    • Barb

      Hi, LaShaun!

      You’re quite welcome.  I’m so glad that I was able to help.  Sadly, these scammers are pretty sneaky and a lot of people just assume that the logos on their website are legit.

       Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best online business opportunity out there and it’s absolutely free to sign up!  You can check out my review of them here.


  3. Jacob Schilling

    Good review, thanks for watching out for those that are more unfamiliar with finding the red flag indicators for those programs out there that are indeed trying to scam them. People could learn alot out there from people like you.

    I must agree, Wealthy Affiliate would be my #1 recommended pick for making money online.

    • Barb

      Hi, Jacob!

      Glad I could help.  I really want people to make informed decisions prior to spending their hard-earned cash which is why I’m so vigilant at exposing scammers.

      I’m glad you agree.  Wealthy Affiliate truly is the best online business opportunity out there.  Check out my review here.


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