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Internet Wealth Biz Review

Name: Internet Wealth Biz

Website: http://internetwealth.biz

Price: $47 (Varies w Discounts)

Owners: Brian Thompson?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Internet Wealth Biz. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

You want to be rich.  I sure do.  I’m not talking about the type of rich where you can eat out every night and keep a roof over your noggin.  I’m talking about the type of rich that allows you to take off to foreign destinations or purchase a new car at the drop of a hat.

what is internet wealth bizBottom line is this type of rich is truly what we desire, and the internet has forged many a millionaire by giving everybody a shot at breaking free from the rat race and making big money.

The big issue is that countless crooks have embraced the internet too, so maneuvering around the multitude of products created to aid you in making money is a hazardous undertaking.

For instance, Internet Wealth Biz seems like a genuine opportunity, but I am here to let you know that something stinks about their system.

Brian Thompson’s Internet Wealth Biz

The basic premise of this system consists of affiliate marketing.  Well, that’s as far as the sales pitch goes in revealing just what this system is all about.  It states that it will clarify just how it operates, but then it redirects you and never really talks about it.

This, on its own, is worrisome, but it also concerns me that they’re taking a valid business model – affiliate marketing – and building it up into something totally unrecognizable.

what is internet wealth biz

Bogus Testimonials

As is typical, for less than the cost of decent money-making systems found on the internet, Internet Wealth Biz makes considerable use of bogus testimonials.

Not only are a majority of these compensated actors truly unconvincing, but what comes out of their mouth is unmistakably scripted.

You may think that hiring actors is all right.  However, personally, I want the testimonials I view to be, well, genuine!

The fact that no proof exists that the anecdotes behind these are genuine just adds to the phoniness of it all.

what is internet wealth biz

Overstated Earnings Claims

Likely the most crucial question for anybody examining Internet Wealth Biz as a means to making money online is just how much will it be able to make me?

The testimonials spew out plenty of big numbers and this extends throughout the sales video.

Supposedly, this system has made the owner, Brian, one million dollars in a mere six months time and makes his students more than $3,000 a day.

It’s rather seductive and simple to get sucked into all the hype when you listen to these kinds of figures, but try to keep yourself grounded.

These claims have no foundation in reality, and simply can be pulled out of the air.

No Proof

what is internet wealth biz

On top of the overstated earnings claims, there is absolutely no proof whatsoever.  Sure, you are presented with a whole lot of remarks about proof during the whole of the video, but what is it precisely that you are looking at?

They’re merely screenshots of assorted affiliate accounts, bank accounts and other websites.

The reason why they aren’t proof is:

First, screenshots can quite easily be fabricated.  Hand me a website and I can manipulate it to look anyway you’d like me to.  Check this out …

what is internet wealth biz

It is super easy to fabricate a screenshot from a website.

This Clickbank account is completely empty yet I can make it appear full to make a sreenshot if I want to.  See how simple it is to fabricate screenshots?

Second, even if by chance the screenshots you are viewing are real, there is no proof that the money in these accounts are made using this system.  The only thing you have to go by is Brian Thompson’s word.  So, no proof whatsoever.

Who The Heck Is Brian Thompson?

As reported by the internet, there is indeed a marketer with the name of Brian Thompson.  However, I’m certain that if you got in touch with him, he wouldn’t have a clue about Internet Wealth Biz.

He has a distinct, public internet existence, and the dude in the video states that if you perform an internet search on him you won’t be able to find him.  Also, Internet Wealth Biz actually has no information regarding an owner or a company associated with it making it essentially untraceable.

Brian Thompson as far as Internet Wealth Biz is concerned is a bogus persona, so how can you put your trust in him – or the voice actor portraying him?  You simply can’t!

Mind Games

All through the video, there are two persistent themes that are essentially there to make you doubt yourself.

The first is to denigrate you.  It begins by asking if you are a sheep or a shepherd, which is just like asking if you’ve got the guts to take charge.

It continues with subtle and devious digs at you.

what is internet wealth biz

Are you going to take action or you purchased trash and other assertions are all designed to wear down your mind.  Whether a few of these assertions are true or not, the sales video is weakening you enough to make a purchase.

Also, there is the persistent display of wealth.  From photos of huge bank accounts and big houses to how supposedly Brian takes off to exotic destinations and lives it up in 5-star hotels.

what is internet wealth biz

This is devised to make you take a look at what you’ve got now and cause you to be green with envy – and sad and angry all at once.  It is to throw you off balance from realistic thought to making a hasty decision.

Slamming Legit Methods

A majority of sales videos, such as this, take a poke at other unscrupulous marketers in the same space, because they assume you have purchased some garbage before.

what is internet wealth bizInternet Wealth Biz does this, but then goes even further and begins to slam legitimate and valid marketing techniques like PPC (Pay Per Click), content marketing, Google AdWords and more.

While these techniques take some time and, yes, money in order to learn, there is absolutely nothing bad with them.  In fact, all marketers use at least one of these techniques this sales pitch slams every day.  If these techniques were so terrible, would people still be using them?

Internet Wealth Biz slams them just to advance their own “underground sources” of generating money online.

My hunch is these so-called underground untapped sources are pre-existing systems such as trawling forums or Craigslist – that is to say it’s likely not anything new!

No Experience, No Skills, No Worries

If you don’t know how to use a computer and have no experience or skills, how is it you anticipate making over $3,000 a day?  Particularly, when you are apparently only going to have to work a mere ten minutes per day.

No, this is absolute rubbish and is the type of thing that is destroying internet marketing’s reputation.

Every single accomplished and successful marketer began with a day job and put in additional hours marketing.  Then, they graduated to simply working 12+ hours per day doing what they love.

There aren’t any shortcuts, no underground source or push-button system, it’s all baloney!

Understand, you will have to work hard at becoming a success!

The Final Verdict

So, can Internet Wealth Biz make you any money?  Sure, if it is utilizing affiliate marketing as a foundation, then there is a solid chance it can.

Why I’m telling you to stay away from this system is because of the outrageous exaggerations of making loads of money in a very short amount of time.

It claims to not be a get rich quick scheme, but anything that tells you you can make $3,000 per day in just days or weeks with absolutely no skills is the perfect example of a get rich quick scheme.

In a nutshell, hold onto your money and discover a genuine method of making money online that does not overstate its claims.


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    • Hi, Becca! Thanks for dropping by and sharing. I love hearing from my readers.

      I’m so glad I prevented you from being scammed. It’s so hard nowadays to know which products are scams and which are not. Good for you for doing your research before handing over your money.

      If you are looking for a genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation, and it’s free! Check out my full review here.


  1. Steen

    Hi Barb!
    It’s a pity to see how many men believe in these kinds of agreements.
    There is nobody who earns 3000 $ in one day. I fell over this via a chat with a brand new Facebook friend.
    I’m a nice person, so I searched, and here I am. (Hope it’s okay that I’ve linked your report here)
    I know this can be very expensive.
    Have you heard from someone who has lost money by giving away their credit card information here?

    • Barb

      Hi, Steen!  Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.  I really appreciate your input.

      I can’t say this often enough to people.  If it sounds too good to be true, it likely is.  Everybody has heard this saying at some time or another, yet people still continue to be scammed.  It’s so important to do one’s research and not purchase a product based on an emotional response.  Good for you for doing just that.

      I have not heard from anyone being a victim of identity theft with regard to this product yet, but I’m sure they’re out there.  Perhaps one of these people will come across my review and share their story.  It would benefit a lot of people.

      Those in dire financial straits are usually the ones who get taken and end up even worse financially.  It’s best to search for proven, legitimate online business opportunities such as my top recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my full review here.


  2. JeffWA

    Hi, Barb. Personally I detest opportunities that exist online such as Internet Wealth Biz that resort to almost criminal tactics involving fraud testimonials, virtually challenging a person to “man up” and join the opportunity, and the overall lie that a person could quickly earn a boatload of money quickly by following their program.

    As I belong to Wealthy Affiliate, scams such as Internet Wealth Biz just gives the legit ones a bad name because people who have gotten burned by scam programs then assume that every training program online simply cannot be trusted. Which, as you know is inaccurate!

    I am big on an online business opportunity being as transparent as possible through openly presenting everything there is about their program right on their website. Most importantly, this would include info about their training and done BEFORE the potential member is asked to fork over a join fee.

    In reading your review of this con program, I got the distinct feeling that Internet Wealth Biz would disclose virtually nothing on their website regarding training. Yet still, they would expect a person to just hand over the approximate $47 membership fee.

    Anyone thinking of joining this program based on watching this company’s garbage testimonials and looking at the fake PayPal images of supposed wealth earns would be a truly foolish individual.


    • Barb

      Hi, Jeff!  Thanks for the wise words.

      Unfortunately, when people find themselves in dire situations financially, they tend to throw common sense out the window in the hope that get rich quick systems such as this will actually work.  However, they end up in an even worse situation than when they started.

      Yes, people who have been scammed before, falsely believe that every online business opportunity is a scam and that just isn’t so as you know from your experience with Wealthy Affiliate.  It is the best online business opportunity out there and you can join for free. (Read my full review here)

      I totally agree.  How can they expect people to shell out $47 for a program they know nothing about?  Yet, people do 🙁  No matter what you financial situation is, always, always, always, do your research first.  If it’s a legit program, it will still be there tomorrow.


  3. KhanyaKea93

    Hi Barb

    I personally have fallen victim to these fabricated screenshots and video proofs, honestly I have no Idea how many time this has happened to me.

    I know better now, that it’s possible to make 3k a day , but you have to be prepared to work hard, it will take a few year to achieve that, or if you’re lucky at least 12 -18 months, and that’s if your lucky

    I really don’t like these hyped products, thanks for taking the time to expose this scam, someone might have probably fallen victim to it, me especially.

    –Khanya Kea

    • Barb

      Hi, Khanya!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      I’m so sorry you were scammed.  I feel your pain, but the important thing is to learn from that experience and seek out a legitimate online business opportunity such as my top recommendation.  Not all online business opportunities are scams.

      Remember, buiding a business takes work.  Don’t expect to make a ton of money by clicking a mouse a couple of times a day.  That’s a sure sign that the product is a scam.


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