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Simple Income Strategies Review

Name: Simple Income Strategies

Website: http://simpleincomestrategies.org

Price: $97

Owners: ?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Simple Income Strategies. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

You’re looking for a legitimate online business opportunity, but more often than not you wind up purchasing a scam or a low quality product which is why you find yourself here asking, “Is Simple Income Strategies A Scam?” prior to buying into it.

Link posting scams are what it’s all about on the internet right now, and they are ripping off thousands of hard-working people just trying to make a buck.

Frequently, these systems are clones of websites that advertise a single product.

Home Income Program is a scheme that is advertised under numerous guises, one of which, is Simple Income Strategies.

Kelly Simmons’ Simple Income Strategies

Kelly Simmons seemingly is everywhere on the internet frequently utilizing various pseudonyms too, so it comes as no surprise that she shows up here as well promoting Simple Income Strategies.

The sales page for this scheme consists of two parts.  The first part is an opt-in form, but when it appears on websites such as this I call it an email reaper.  The one and only purpose for this section of the sales pitch is to snatch your email address whether you purchase the product or not.

Also, you’re required to give up your phone number.  So, not only will your email be given to a bunch of spammers who will hock their garbage to you, you’ll likely be bombarded by telemarketers too.

The essence of the sales pitch is the ultimate in manipulation and scamming techniques.

The website’s header has logos from various news networks implying that Simple Income Strategies has been highlighted on them but, in reality, they haven’t and the scammers likely do not even have permission to use these logos.

what is simple income strategies

Then you are presented with two scarcity tactics.  At the top, the first one let’s you know that there are only nine spots left, and the bottom one states there are only three.  The number of spots never changes because there are always going to be spots available to purchase this product but, by saying they have limited availability, it makes us rush to make a purchase.

what is simple income strategies

Now comes the compulsory video, this time, it is exhibiting an outdated news report that consists of a general discussion about work from home opportunities.

It demonstrates a rather weak correlation to Simple Income Strategies in that it is a work from home system.  Aside from that, it’s not relevant and, again, in all likelihood is used without the news network’s permission.

what is simple income strategies

$379 A Day? Is That Possible?

Simple Income Strategies earnings claims are absurd.  Keep in mind that it is providing work that needs no experience, skills or nothing, yet it says you can make $379+ in a single day!

Nobody will pay an inexperienced, unskilled worker that kind of money, particularly, for the little work that you will apparently be doing.

what is simple income strategies

The work you’ll be doing is called link posting.  The premise is that you are given a number of links and then you go all over the internet and post these links on social media sites, blog comments, forums and message boards etc.  Then when an indiscriminate stranger drops by, views your link, clicks on it and, boom, you get paid!

The sales pitch makes it seem like some kind of magical money tree: for few minutes a day, you can make a pretty good wage.

Truthfully, it’s far from it.

The concept behind link posting is founded on truth.  It’s called affiliate marketing.  With this legitimate and proven system, you post links, somebody clicks them, then (and this is crucial) purchases something from the promoted website and you receive a commission.

What Simple Income Strategies has in mind is quite different.  They propose that you make money by simple clicks.  Post your links anywhere and you’ll succeed.


what is simple income strategies

Affiliate marketing requires perseverance, energy, time, skill and money.  You have to build up an audience and contribute value.

The sales pitch claims you’ll be earning money in five minutes, which is pure baloney!  It takes months sometimes longer to see results from affiliate marketing.

Companies Are Desperate?

To boost the idea that Simple Income Strategies system works, the creators state that companies are desperately trying to get people to post links on their behalf and they throw out some mighty big names (despite the fact that Blockbuster doesn’t exist anymore).

what is simple income strategies

The issue here is that it’s all lies!

If these or any other companies want link posting, why would they give you money to do it?  Ahhh.  They wouldn’t!  They would either get cheap labor from outside the country or they’d automate it.

Moreover, no company would want to be associated with these links as everybody considers them to be spam.  It would make their brand look bad.  On top of that, an indiscriminate link posted somewhere gives no return.  Only by providing a framework and value will affiliate marketing work.

Look at it this way, would you purchase a Pandora bracelet off some random person on the street – not a vendor, just a random person – or would you buy a Pandora bracelet from a jewelry shop where an associate can demonstrate their knowledge and help you?

Link posting is essentially that random person on the street.

By and of itself, it provides no return or value to any company, when executed using Simple Income Strategies’ methods.

There’s More

There’s lots more in the sales pitch that is worrisome, from the use of emotional images and text to influence your mindset to unproven screen shots of earnings as well as bogus testimonials (generic names, stock photos of random people).


what is simple income strategies

The Final Verdict

Simple Income Strategies is just another link posting scam.

Not only are these systems trying to get you to fork over $97 of your hard-earned cash, but with your phone number and email collected, they will be trying to push even more worthless and progressively expensive products.

Don’t be a sucker!  Stay away from Simple Income Strategies!!!

If you should come upon any other of Kelly Simmons’ link posting schemes, stay away from those too!

Have you fallen victim to Simple Income Strategies?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave your comments below.


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Simple Income Strategies is yet another scam under the umbrella of Kelly Simmons. Steer clear of this one!


  1. isaac

    Great review on the simple income strategies. While the link clicking strategy seems legit, I find the fee to join it seems a bit strange. After all, most affiliate programs are free to join! The claims by the program about how many money can be made, how it all works effortlessly etc. Just seems too fishy for me. No money can be made without any real work. I really believe in that. Many thanks for this review and helping me and others to avoid it.


    • Barb

      Hi, Isaac!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing. I love hearing from my readers.

      I agree with you.  You can’t just sit back eating bonbons and watching soap operas while the money simply pours into your account, but people are desperate. When they see that they can make money in a day with such little effort they go all in without really investigating what they are getting themselves into and end up in an even worse financial situation then they are now.

      There are so many genuine business opportunities out there and this definitely is one to stay away from.


  2. Peter

    Thanks for the review! Everywhere you look there are new “make money online” scams popping up.

    It’s a surprise these people that run these sites are able to sleep at night knowing they are taking people’s hard earned money in exchange for nothing.

    There are always going to be gullible people out there that will believe the claims of these scam sites and unfortunately lose a lot of money until they figure it out.

    Luckily, reviews like yours will help some people that are smart enough to do a bit of research before dropping $100 online. Hopefully more people will see this before giving into the scam!

    • Barb

      Hi, Peter!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.  I love hearing from my readers.

      Yes, frequently, people are caught up in a desperate financial situation and, rather than research the opportunity presented to them, they go all in when they think they can make so much money in a single day.

      Hopefully, this review will help people avoid being scammed and search for a genuine business opportunity.


  3. Jacquie

    Hi Barb,

    I don’t know why I am, but every single time I come across a review revealing yet another scam, I’m lost for words – like, why? Why are they doing this? Aside from it being unethical, it’s so embarrassing!

    Thanks for this detailed review – Simple Income Strategies (HA!) is definitely another one to avoid.

    The saddest thing is that the most vulnerable, due to desperation, are the ones that probably fall for this kind of scam, leading them even deeper into financial troubles -ugh! I honestly do not know how people like Kelly sleep at night.

    • Barb

      Hi, Jacquie!  Thanks for dropping by.

      Well, the reason there are so many scams such as this one and its various clones is because they’re good at taking advantage of people and stealing their hard-earned cash.  I’m just hoping by getting the word out that at least one person can be spared some heartache.  Please share this review with as many people as you can to get the word out about these scammers.  The more people know about it the better.  There are so many legitimate business opportunities out there.  This is definitely one to stay away from.

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