What Is The Benefit Of A Newsletter?

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Do you already send out a newsletter to your subscribers on a regular basis or are you just considering it?  Actually, when it comes to your business or blog, have you ever wondered what is the benefit of a newsletter?

what is the benefit of a newsletterSure, you can bore your readers with your latest vacation photos from a sunny beach somewhere looking for sympathy when you further tell them it was actually a nude beach and you severely sunburned your unmentionables (OUCH!), but newsletters are an awesome way to help persuade and educate your readers to work with you.

Here are ten reasons why newsletters are beneficial.

1. Establish Yourself As A Trusted Authority

People go online to search for information and will look to you as an expert in your field to provide them with it.  By sending out your newsletter on a regular basis, it gives you the chance to do this while building up your brand.

2. Boost Your Relationship With Your Subscribers

It’s no secret that people like to purchase from people they know and trust.  By using your newsletter to relate to your readers in their own homes, you can establish a familiar and trusted relationship.  Make sure to talk a little about yourself or your business in every issue whether it’s an event or anecdote.

3. Keep In Touch With Leads And Subscribers

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Consider eventually creating two newsletters: one for leads and one for subscribers because each needs different information.  This is an awesome way to tell your readers about product launches, weekly specials, testimonials, new articles and links (urls) to blogs or landing pages.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Blog Or Website

As previously mentioned in #3, remember to bring attention to your new blog posts or other developments to your website with direct links to those particular pages.  Mention your newsletter archives to your subscribers.  Boost a special sale (perhaps a discount coupon for subscribers only) with a link that directs them to your sales page.  Use links to change your newsletter into “voiceless salespeople” – routing traffic to your website and boosting your lists 24/7.

5. Increase Content On Your Website

Make it a habit of adding your newsletters to the archive area of your website.  This helps in several major ways:

a) Visitors can read a couple of issues to see if your newsletter is of interest to them, which could help boost subscribers and possible sales.

b) If you optimize where you place your article, you’ll not only produce a “meatier” website, but you will also invite new traffic from search engines.

6. Receive Feedback From Your Subscribers

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It allows you to get feedback from your readers and it makes it simple for you to keep in touch with leads and subscribers and vice versa.  Ask them to comment on your offers and articles.  Create surveys and polls.  Develop a “Letters to the Editor” column in the newsletter.  Feedback lets you tweak your messages, extend your product line and pinpoint your marketing.  It’s also an awesome relationship builder!

7. Create An Ebook

Say you put out a newsletter once a week with two articles included.  At the year’s end, you’ll have – let me do the math here 🙂 – 104 thoroughly researched articles under your belt.  Choose the cream of the crop and transform them into a bonus ebook for subscribing to your list, sell it in a PDF format or submit it to downloadable sites to boost your list.

8. Increase Your Mailing List

Put your newsletter subscribers to work.  Make sure to point out to your readers that it’s okay to share your newsletter to anybody they want.  Also, it’s vital to include instructions on how to subscribe for people who got your newsletter from it going viral.  A simple headline like, “Get Your Own Copy of Barb’s Awesome Tips,” with a link to your website or squeeze page is all you have to do.

9. Collect Demographic Data

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By offering niche reports, feedback forms, and surveys, you’ll be able to gather priceless info about your leads and subscribers.  Figure out what makes your readers get out of bed in the morning, target what they want and better help them out.  Make sure they keep coming back for more!

10. Save Money!

This is my favorite reason.  Everything I’ve mentioned above is either free or practically free.  The minimal cost associated with creating a newsletter is minuscule compared to the cost of pay-per click, direct mail, advertising, business cards, brochures or any other way of promoting.  Not only that but doing all that takes soooooo much of your precious time.  Because you deliver your newsletter online, you can build your list as big as you want to without having to worry about the cost.

It’s been proven that email marketing is the most economical marketing solution for businesses.

So, how’s the bumburn?  LOL.  Sorry, I meant to say sunburn?  Any better?

All kidding aside, have you experienced any other benefits of having a newsletter.  Please.  I’d love to hear from you.  Leave your comments below.



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  1. Jagi

    I love the reasons why you think we should have a newsletter. So many times I’ve made a decision to start collecting emails for newsletters, but for some reason it just hasn’t happened yet.

    Your article gives me motivation to start writing one and collecting email addresses. Thank you for the great article.

  2. Cathy

    Okay, I finally get the gist of why a newsletter is important. The main reason I put down this idea was because I personally don’t pay much attention to the things that I subscribe.

    After getting about 4 to 5 emails, I often unsubscribe because it’s overloading my email and my brain. Hence, I have this misconception that the technique might not be effective.

    After reading your article, I think I need to reconsider it as an option. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • Barb

      Thanks, Cathy, for dropping by my blog. Yes, newsletters are extremely beneficial given that you provide quality content for your readers. All too often, as you mentioned, people are bombarded by “fluff” content that really doesn’t give them any value. If you provide quality content, it’s an excellent way to keep in touch with your audience.

  3. jeffrey16201

    It sounds like a newsletter provides many benefits for your blog or business website, how much time would it take to put out a newsletter?

    How would I begin to start my own newsletter, how do I get a sign up form on my website and get my newsletter to all my people who sign up?

    • Barb

      Hi, Jeffrey, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I love to hear from my readers.

      Wow! That’s a lot of questions all of which are articles on their own.

      You can get started by creating an email list. Check out my article, “How To Build An Email List For Marketing.” As far as the sign up form, that can be created with whoever you choose to use for an autoresponder. Check out my review, “What Is The Best Email Marketing Provider – Get Response!” They are top of the line in my opinion. Once you sign up with them, they provide you with all kinds of support on how to get going with an email marketing campaign and creating your newsletter.

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