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Jaaxy Enterprise Review – Infinite Power ❤

Website: www.Jaaxy.com

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Owners: Kyle & Carson

Overall Rank: 5 out of 5 ❤

I know.  It’s maddening.  Obviously, they got a little tipsy last night at the Opening Night party.  What? The director wants you to rehearse your duet but the lush suddenly fled the stage to do a technicolor yawn in the loo.  Well, let’s not waste any time and work on your online business while we wait, shall we?

So, I’ve got a very important topic to discuss with you today and it’s a question I’m asked a lot …  What is the best keyword research tool for SEO? Well, I’ve just the thing.  Let me tell you about this amazing tool.

I’m crazy about keyword research.  It thrills me to no end when I plunge into a niche or market and I recognize the possibilities.  Prior to finding Jaaxy, my research methods were done manually.  I could do it a lot better and a lot more efficiently than any other keyword tool anywhere.  I just could not find a keyword tool that would save me any significant time over my manual method and all the data they provided was worthless or what I call “dreck.”

This drives me to my ultimate pet peeve with the keyword tools out in the marketplace.

The Headache That Comes With NEARLY ALL Keyword Tools … 

If you’ve previous purchased a keyword tool, you know a lot of them generate hordes of data, numbers, and metrics that you need to unscramble.  Strictly speaking, nearly all keyword tools present you with utterly worthless data.

Here is a short list of things you ought to look out for when purchasing keyword tools:

  1. Anything at all you have to install
    2. Anything at all that gives PPC guestimates
    3. Anything at all that uses Alexa as the decisive factor in ascertaining competition
    4. Anything at all that calls for multiple searches to do a single function
    5. Tools that do not pull data from all search engines

These frequently indicate they are inferior search tools. It does not take long to recognize these tools make a wad of cash supplying users with completely worthless data and are unable to get at the essential data.

Introducing Jaaxy Enterprise …

What frightens people most today is the fear the niche they desire has excessive competition. This belief comes from insufficient knowledge or keyword research.

Honestly, the greatest concern of mine has been that I won’t have ample time to attend to all of the “NO COMPETITION” niches around. I have innumerable keywords, innumerable ideas, and innumerable niches I know I can establish a full-time income from. I guess that is a wonderful problem to have.

I can establish profitable campaigns freely because I know how to discover an unimaginable supply of keywords within a niche, because when you access a tool such as Jaaxy you can reveal things that no other keyword tool can access. Here are a couple of brief examples off the top of my head, “women’s nylons” and “old age pensions”. I am going to focus on finding keywords with less than 300 total competing pages in Google (in all of the planet), and keywords which get traffic, also, they need to make sense.

Barb’s Niche Choice #1: Women’s Nylons
(Keywords Found)

what is the best keyword research tool for seo


See, with one extremely wide-ranging search in Jaaxy, I instantaneously produced 22 keywords which easily rank in Google. One search! Under 20 seconds! This gives me plenty of “keywords” to begin a campaign targeting women’s nylons and nylon products. Easy peasy!

Now, let’s try it again with the Old Age Pensions niche.

Barb’s Niche Choice #2: Old Age Pensions
(Keywords Found)

what's the best keyword research tool for seo

Boom! I have 18 old age pension keywords which will work magnificently for my website.  Actually, I likely could target these search terms right here on this website because people searching for old age pensions are probably also interested in products such as  WealthyAffiliate.com (See my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.) and Jaaxy.com that can aid them in creating an online business – even those who have already retired.

In any case, this confirms the effectiveness of Jaaxy. In two searches and under 20 seconds, I have plenty of keywords to operate two fresh campaigns in niches I pulled off the top of my head. This type of research would take forever manually and utilize other tools if you could even secure this kind of data.  Jaaxy Enterprise is without a doubt that amazing!

You Can Own Hundreds of Domains? Why?  Let Me Explain.

Why would you possibly want hundreds of domains? The fact is Jaaxy Enterprise has created a phenomenon which was never possible before…there are incredible domains available even now.

With every search you perform in Jaaxy Enterprise, it will provide you with Exact Match Domains (EMD’s) that are available with the corresponding search term you entered …90 domains at a time! Instantly, you’ll realize that “Jiminy Cricket, there are tons of magnificent domains available (.com EMD’s) folks are selling for $1,000’s within reselling services and you can find them with every search in Jaaxy.

Check this out.  This is one search.  It’s literally the same “old age pension” search we just did.

keyword marketing tool

See?  All these excellent .com domains are available. I could then purchase all of these domains.  Then, put a small site up on them and, since Google ranks domains having the keyword in them very high, I could, essentially, purchase the first ranking in Google.

Now, a domain costs approximately $10 a year. Clicks in the thousands. It’s really a no-brainer and an entire business model that Jaaxy Enterprise makes available to you because of its ability to find domains so effortlessly.

Selecting a Jaaxy Plan That Suits Your Budget

I’ve hardly scratched the surface of what Jaaxy can do.  You can brainstorm your niche, see where your site ranks in Google (For example, what page you are on.), discover affiliate programs, evaluate competing websites, construct keyword lists and so much more!

From a newbie to someone who knows the significance of keyword research, to the expert, there is an option within Jaxxy to suit any budget.

Jaaxy Starter = Free

Jaaxy Pro = $19 per month, $199 per year

Jaaxy Enterprise = $49 per month, $499 per year


Simply Click The Table Above To Choose The Jaaxy That Suits You Best

If you’re uncertain and just want to check it out, I suggest trying the free version. You are limited, but you will get a good sense of what to expect.  If you are beginning and have a limited budget, I recommend Jaaxy Pro. It will spare you hours of keyword research and provides you with most of the functions within Enterprise.  It’s just not nearly as fast.  Now,  If you are a power user who wants things fast and doesn’t want to waste any of your time, I recommend taking advantage of everything Jaaxy has to offer – Jaaxy Enterprise.

You can access Jaaxy from anywhere you have access to an internet connection including your mobile phone.  In fact, you just might find yourself in a line up to get movie tickets searching for keywords.  Got interrupted?  No problem.  Jaaxy stores all of your search history so you can even use it to store all your ideas!

Want to try Jaaxy right now? Use this keyword research box below.


Overall Summary

Jaaxy Enterprise Review – Infinite Power ❤

Website: www.Jaaxy.com

Price: Starter Membership ($0),

Pro Membership ($19 per month),

Enterprise ($49 per month)

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Oh, the sot is back from the loo.  Great! Now, you can tell them all about Jaaxy.

Watch Your Online Business and Profits Skyrocket Into Space!

I’d love to hear from you.  If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.


Jaaxy ❤
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Based on my investigation of Jaaxy, I can honestly say it is the most powerful tool out there. Jaaxy offers so much including Domain Flipping with a Real Case Study, Extremely Fast Niche Research, Comprehensive Keyword Research
and Accurate Competition Metrics.

Also, you get an added bonus because Jaaxy was created and is maintained by the same team who founded Wealthy Affiliate so you know what you’re going to get – excellence.


  1. Alex

    Hi Barb

    Thank you for such a great review!

    Jaaxy seems to be an excellent tool. To search for keywords on Google, I use the alphabet soup.

    It’s amazing that this tool can tell you the competition! If you know how much competition you have for a specific keyword, you can choose much better keywords to rank in Google, right?

    Thank you


    • Barb

      Thanks, Alex. Yes. You would rather have a low-hanging fruit keyword as opposed to one that you have to compete with hundreds of other people.

      Check out my article on “What Are Keywords For Websites.”

  2. jessie palaypay

    Something that totally hit home was when you said most people fear a niche is to competitive. I use to feel the same way a few years ago and thought affiliate marketing was too competitive and that I had nothing to offer.

    Now I feel pretty greedy when I see a low competition keyword, I literally just want to hog all of them to myself and not share any. Its crazy how much opportunity is missed.


    • Barb

      Thanks Jessie. Yes, a tremendous amount of opportunity is missed but, thanks to Jaaxy, we need never fear. I just love researching keywords and finding those little gems!

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