What Is The Can You Hear Me Phone Scam?

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Receiving calls from telemarketers is irritating enough, but now experts are alerting consumers about the danger of having what they say on the phone held against them.

They call it the “Can You Hear Me” scam and the news suggests that it’s becoming more and more popular as scammers use it to try to steal your hard-earned cash.

What Is The Can You Hear Me Phone Scam?

This actually happened to a friend of mine.  She received a call the other day and the man on the other end said, “This is Jerry Foley, can you hear me?”  Wisely, she instantly hung up, but if she would have said, “Yes,” her reply may have been altered and misused to verify she freely signed up for a service contract or to purchase a product she didn’t want.

what is the can you hear me phone scamTelemarketing companies usually call consumers back to verify calls and depend on them to guarantee the consumer pays up.

The Better Business Bureau recently cautioned consumers and businesses that a scammer who might already have acquired part of your personal information, like credit card numbers, can make use of them along with your recorded “Yes” to make charges.

In some instances, a live person might place the call; however, often, it’s an automated call.  Robocalls are becoming more and more complex and have gone so far as to imitate background noise to gain your confidence to trick you into believing it is a genuine person.

If you did happen to answer “Yes,” it’s likely the scammer who initiated the call did record you and will use that verification to subscribe you to a service or receive a product and then insist you pay up.  If you decline, the scammer might put forth the “Yes” that was recorded to verify that you agreed to it.


The United States Federal Trade Commission cautions people to NEVER give out personal information to anyone over the phone and to immediately hang up if they receive a pre-recorded sales call.

I hope I’ve answered the question “What Is The Can You Hear Me Phone Scam?” enough that I can prevent you from being scammed by these unscrupulous people.

Have you been a victim of this scam?  I’d love to hear from you by leaving your comments below.  Check out the video below for further information.


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  1. JeffWA

    The latest phone scams that these telemarketers have criminally resorted to in trying to con innocent people out of money should land them in jail.

    I would recommend that people do as I did several months ago. A small group of “scammers”, aware of the type of anti-virus software I have on my computer and from one of the best companies in the business kept trying to call me to get control of my computer. Did not happen, as I was not born yesterday. Still, the calls kept coming daily, and even my resorting to saying some nasty things to these individuals to show my level of anger did not deter them from continuing these calls. Even not answering the phone and simply letting it ring was not a solution.

    Instead on my Smartphone, I installed a call-blocking app. Unless a call is coming in from one of my contacts, or from phone numbers that I have added to my whitelist, anything else is automatically blocked. I don’t even hear a ring.

    Unfortunately, this would only work with a Smartphone, but I would suggest to all individuals that they install, (free of charge) these type of apps. Then all unsolicited phone calls would just not go through, preventing the possibilities of a person being scammed.

    What you discussed in your article just goes to show the lengths to which these fraud telemarketers will go to in their attempts to steal money or get value personal info from an unsuspecting person. 30 billion robocalls being attempted each year, as stated in that youtube vid embedded in your article is ridiculous!!

    Thank you for warning your readers about this devious ploy being enacted by scammers.


    • Barb

      Wow!  Thanks, Jeff, for dropping by and leaving such a detailed comment.  I truly love hearing from my readers.

      I’m so sorry that you experienced such a hard time.  Once they’ve got your number, these scammers are very persistent.  It must have been terrible and frustrating to say the least.  Thank you so much for sharing and recommending the call-blocking app for smart phones.  I’m so glad you were finaly able to get the harassment to stop.  Nobody should have to go through what you did.

      My hope is that by exposing these scams and starting a discussion we can work together to caution the public and keep everyone safe.

      Once again, thank you.  

  2. Mar

    This is a very helpful post. I heard of the scam after it actually happened to me. Long story short: a woman called saying she wanted to get my thoughts on a hotel chain and then said she couldn’t hear me, but she was talking so fast that I was the one who couldn’t really hear her, and I kept saying ‘no’ which is totally funny because all she wanted was for me to say ‘yes’. I hung up the call because I couldn’t hear her and she wasn’t responding to my request. I asked her to please repeat, but she answered something else, and that’s when I noticed it was a recording. I felt totally dumb, but I can understand why people would fall for that type of scam. I can’t believe what criminals resort to these days to take our well earned cash.
    I really liked the success stories you added at the end of the post to offer us a new option to making money online. I know of the Wealthy Affiliate program and it’s one of the best programs out there. So, I totally recommend it as well.


    • Barb

      Hi, Mar!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing your story.  I love hearing from my readers.

      Sadly, these scammers are getting more and more devious which is why I’m doing my best to expose as many scams as I can through my blog.  I’m sooooo glad you realized what was going on and hung up.

      Wealthy Affiliate is an outstanding online business opportunity which is why I highly recommend it.  There is no other opportunity out there where you can get a free account, free website, free training, free live 24/7 chat and there is no credit card required.  

  3. pro1

    Hi Barb
    Thanks for the insightful post. I heard people talking about phone scams recently, but honestly I didn’t really know how the scammers were doing it.

    Its such a disgrace how people are resorting to such ways to ‘earn’. 

    I am curious; however, about the means they use to access your personal details so that they can pin your ‘yes’ answer to your account. 

    I’m glad I now know of this, but I feel I might still fall for this scam by subconsciously answering ‘yes’ then realizing the boo boo seconds later. Is there another way of avoiding this scam?

    • Barb

      Hi, Pro1!  Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.  I really love hearing from my readers.

      As far as accessing your personal details ahead of time, it could have happened at any point if you weren’t careful.

      I think its really hard to avoid this one because we do what we do naturally when we speak to someone on the phone.  I think you just have to be always cautious when you receive a call you don’t recognize and hang up immediately without answering any questions.

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