What Is The Dubai Lifestyle App About?☠

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Dubai Lifestyle App

Name: Dubai Lifestyle App

Website: http://www.dubailifestyleapp.com

Price: $250

Owners: Scott Hathaway?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of the Dubai Lifestyle App. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

You can bet that if you asked anybody, they’d be tickled pink to live out their days like all the wealthy people in Dubai.  Heck, yeah!  Wouldn’t you?

Now, not all of us are royalty or own oil fields, so you’re not likely to become a billionaire anytime soon.

what is the dubai lifestyle app aboutStill, there are definitely ways to earn an income online that can bring about an easier life.

And then, there are systems promoted online that are extremely risky too and some are simply scams!

Trying to maneuver around these landmines is precisely why Rich Artist Starving Artist is here.

Today, I’m examining the Dubai Lifestyle App, a trading system for Binary Options that promises to make you extremely wealthy super fast.

What Is The Dubai Lifestyle App About?

First of all, it is not like the apps you can download onto your smartphone.  Rather, it is an online trading scheme that says it can assist you in making money by trading in Binary Options.

As with every scheme such as this, they promise you the world.  Come on.  There is no computer program out there that is going to magically turn a $250 investment into $7,000+ overnight, which is just one of the many claims this scheme alleges.

As a matter of fact, like a majority of Binary Options schemes, there is a lot of disturbing elements to the sales page linked with the Dubai Lifestyle App.

It’s Scarce – Nope!

what is the dubai lifestyle app aboutSupposedly, they only have 100 beta testers for this scheme, and the number indicated at the top of the page let’s you know how many spots are left.  Strangely enough, this continually changes when you refresh the sales page, and it can skyrocket even higher, which implies this is merely a trick.

On top of that, there is the countdown timer in the upper right corner.  After it drops to zero, supposedly you’re out of luck because the offer has expired.  However, I was still allowed to sign up despite it running out.  It’s merely another trick.

These unscrupulous tactics are created solely to force you into a hurried decision prior to you having a chance to properly mull it over.

It Isn’t A Scam.  Whaaaaaat?

According to the folks responsible for this scheme, it isn’t a scam, who are apparently trustworthy, not to be prejudiced, right?

As a matter of fact, this was somewhat new in the past, but now is a rather popular trick that shifty websites use to attempt to make themselves standout from all the other scams littering the internet.  It is also designed to appear that they are on your side as it is likely you have been scammed before.

Bogus Testimonials

People want evidence that these systems actually work prior to trying it out for themselves, particularly, if there is a chance they will lose their money.

This kind of social evidence is frequently given by way of testimonials.

Sadly, you can purchase a bogus testimonial for a couple of bucks and the Dubai Lifestyle App has done precisely that!

what is the dubai lifestyle app about

You can’t trust anything these purported “members” are saying because in all likelihood a sales guy has written every word!

Scott Hathaway?

what is the duba lifestyle app about

The dude allegedly responsible for the Dubai Lifestyle App is named Scott Hathaway.  Perhaps, it’s true, but the picture provided of this guy is a mere stock photo that you can get for a few dollars, or even simply steal from one of the tons of other websites using the identical photo already.

what is the dubai lifestyle app about

By using a stock photo and not a real person, why should anybody believe that this system is authentic and actually works?  Moreover, why would the true owner put so much effort into concealing their identity?

Daydream Believer

Common among scams such as the Dubai Lifestyle App is a huge amount of focus on emphasizing just how down-and-out you are and saturating your brain with lofty dreams.

This is accomplished by way of videos and photos of pricey homes, boats, cars and attractive people having a grand old time in exotic places.

The purpose here is solely to compel you to dream big, while distracting you from the cracks in the veneer.

What Are Binary Options?

If you don’t know what Binary Options are, or perhaps you’ve come across it but aren’t too certain how it all works, let me provide you with a brief explanation.

The concept is you “trade” stocks.  However, not like typical stock trading, you do not really buy a stock.

What you do is select a certain stock and make a decision as to whether the chosen stock will go higher or lower than what it is right now.  If the stock moves higher, you profit.  If it lowers, you lose money.

what is the dubai lifestyle app aboutThe primary difference between regular stocks and Binary Options is timespan.  With a regular stock, you invest in it for weeks, months, perhaps longer.

A Binary Option has a lot shorter timespan, literally, 60 seconds.

In such a short timespan, you have no way of telling which way the stock will move as stocks fluctuate up and down continuously by the minute.

Trending data is actually only beneficial for long-term stocks, it can’t tell you over a matter of 60 seconds whether a stock will move up or not.

This is the huge problem with Binary Options, you are simply taking a guess.  It is not even considered a bet because you have no supplementary data.  Rather, it is like flipping a coin.

How are you supposed to make a viable, life-altering income by continuously flipping a coin?

You just can’t!

Stox Market

Working behind the scenes for the Dubai Lifestyle App is a stock broker.

Essentially, these are the folks that back scams such as the Dubai Lifestyle App.  They do so by giving people a commission for signing up folks such as yourself to the broker.  And, they are quite substantial commissions too!

As far as I can see, the unregulated Stox Market is a broker established in the Marshall Islands with ties to Switzerland and Scotland.

What this means is you are completely on your own if you experience any problems because there is no governing body to aid you should things go bad.

And, they just might because Stox Market has tons of negative online reviews.  Also, it is rather fishy that they only have a client area and no website on the front end.

Still Another Scam!

While signing up for the Dubai Lifestyle App, I discovered a video that was rather telling because it displayed a watermark for an entirely different scheme – 1K Daily Profit.

This is also a Binary Options scam that I reviewed recently and the presence of this video inside the Dubai Lifestyle App indicates that the people responsible for 1K Daily Profit are also responsible for the Dubai Lifestyle App.  Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that they are constantly scamming people.

what is the dubai lifestyle app about

The Final Verdict

Binary Options trading isn’t illegal, but it is a really risky way to make money that isn’t based on experience or skill but merely on luck.  You are essentially relying on a coin toss.  Would you put your faith in anybody who could assure which way a coin is going to land?  One hundred percent NOT!

With that being said, the Dubai Lifestyle App is an absolute scam as a result of the plethora of lies and deceptions it uses to attempt to compel you to enlist with the broker so they can receive a huge commission at your cost.

Bypass the Dubai Lifestyle App at all costs and stay with proven methods of earning an income online instead.


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The Dubai Lifestyle App is a total scam. They present you with a plethora of lies and tricks to get you to sign up with a broker and make a commission off of you. Avoid at all costs!


  1. SJ

    Omg no way!

    There just seem to be so many of these binary option scams floating around at the moment. Just preying on people’s need for more money. It’s horrible!

    Thank you so much for pointing this out, I’m sharing this so the message gets out, people need to be warned!

    • Barb

      Hi, SJ!

      You’re quite welcome.  My mission is to expose as many scammers as possible so that people can make informed decisions before they part with their money.

      Yes, Binary Options are extremely risky and you’d be better off with a proven online business opportunity such as Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read my review here.


  2. Bonto

    In today’s world in very important that we get helpful reviews like the one here just given on the Dubai Lifestyle App.  For me, anytime I see such systems that promise you the world with their special software, I just stay away. I dont think it’s wise for anyone to take such risks with such ventures. Thanks for enlightening us. God bless u!

    • Barb

      Hi, Bonto!

      Thanks for dropping by.  I’m so glad that I was able to help.  I really do want to help people make informed decisions prior to parting with their money.

      If you are interested in a legitimate online business opportunity, please check out my #1 recommendation here and it’s free!


  3. Tal S.

    Lol, you make the scheme seem so obvious. Also GREAT work fishing out all the details about these people. I can’t believe you actually managed to dig up those fake testimonial guys out of the thousands of freelancers on Fiverr!

    People should know that stock and currency trading is a pure game of chance for the vast majority of people. Without inside knowledge or decades of industry experience, the average person can’t possibly make an informed decision about which stocks or currencies to buy. If you’re so gullible that you’d fall for these schemes, perhaps it’s time you learned your lesson.

    • Barb

      Hi, Tal!

      Thanks!  I just want people to know exactly what they are getting themselves into.  The average person wouldn’t stop to think that the testimonials were false.  These scammers are really tricky.

      Binary Options are so risky that the Federal Trade Commission even has put out a warning.  People think they can get rich quick when they are in a bind, but end up in a far worse financial position than when they started.

      It’s best to stay away from Binary Options altogether!


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