What Is The Melaleuca Wellness Company About?ツ

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Melaleuca Wellness Company Review

Name: Melaleuca

Website: http://www.melaleuca.com

Price: $35

Owners: Frank L. VanderSloot, CEO

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 ツ

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Melaleuca.  Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

If you’ve bought protein shakes, vitamins or other types of wellness products via the internet, then you might have stumbled upon Melaleuca.  Founded in 1985, this company offers over 400 different wellness and health products including:

  • Weight Loss Products
  • Bath And Shower Products
  • Energy Drinks
  • Household Cleansers
  • Essential Oils
  • Cosmetics
  • Vitamins, Supplements and Minerals

Melaleuca’s one-of-a-kind value proposition is that their entire product line is organic.  So, although their products are pricey, they are better for both you and the planet.  Also, it seems that the company tries to collaborate with local suppliers and farmers whenever it’s possible.

What Is The Melaleuca Wellness Company About

When you land on Melaleuca’s website, you can look for products to purchase and even add them to your shopping cart.  Prices are not indicated on storefronts or shown inside the shopping cart.  When you try to checkout, the website makes you sign up for an account by providing your email address and phone number.

Why do you have to provide your phone number if you’re simply creating a shopping account?

What Is The Melaleuca Wellness Company AboutBecause your phone number is ultimately used by other members of Melaleuca to get in touch with you and encourage you to become a member of the company.

How do I know this?  I had to phone the company so that they could set up my account.  In addition to my email address and phone number, they wanted my complete address.  Then I was told that it would take 48 to 72 hours for my account to be set up after a Marketing Executive had contacted me.  Alternatively, I could deal with a local Melaleuca representative in my area who would create my account.

When I told them that I was merely interested in buying some products off of Melaleuca’s website and checking out their prices, I was given guest access to the following website: melaleuca.com/usguest

What’s great about this guest website is that, while you still cannot buy your products here, at least you can see their actual cost.  In order to complete a purchase, you still have to join as a member.

what is the melaleuca wellness company about

So, why is Melaleuca so determined to have you sign up as a member?

Because they are a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, but Melaleuca would rather call themselves a “referral-based” business.

What Is Melaleuca’s Business Opportunity?

Melaleuca functions both as a referral-based business and a health and wellness product retailer.  Members of the company who are not employees, join the company so they can buy its products online and ship them to their homes or businesses.  The cost to join is not advertised openly on their website rather like the cost of its products.  However, the cost to join currently is $35.

What Is The Melaleuca Wellness Company AboutIn order to sign up completely, the potential member needs to work together with a present member and join under him or her.  As a result, that present member, known now as a Product Advocate, receives a commission every time his or her newly acquired downline member buys a product.  The standard commission rate is 7%, which accumulates rapidly provided that the Product Advocate recruits several more members underneath him or her.

Whether you are a Product Advocate or member, you need to acquire a set amount of product points every month in order to stay active and receive commissions.  Presently, you need 50 points which converts to approximately $80 worth of product.  So, for each month you want to stay with Melaleuca, you need to place an $80 product order.

It’s interesting to note that Melaleuca at no time uses the words multi-level marketing to describe its emphasis on recruitment.  Rather, it continually states it is a “referral-based” company.  However, if a company extends incentives to its members or contractors to recruit other people into the company, and gives them a commission for doing it, then that is the core of multi-level marketing.

Melaleuca Pros & Cons


Ecologically-friendly, organic products – A lot of Melaleuca’s products are comparable with what you would find at stores such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods.  The company stresses its products are better for the planet, and it utilizes fair trade practices with suppliers and farmers.


Pricey Products – One could argue that ecologically friendly and organic products are are priced higher than mass-produced products found at the average discount chain or grocery store.  However, that is sometimes difficult to justify when buying an $8 glass cleaner or a $10 toilet bowl cleaner.

Automatic Purchases – As a Product Advocate or member, you are enrolled in the company’s product auto-shipping program.  You are able to opt out of receiving particular products, but you have to buy something every month or you will be deactivated.

Focus On A Warm Market – The company encourages its Product Advocates and members to approach their warm market (family and friends) as a means of recruitment.  This is okay at the beginning, but warm markets ultimately dry up once everybody has purchased products, tried to be recruited or recruited.  Consistent sales and promotion in the multi-level marketing ranks is typically achieved by those members reaching beyond their family and friends.  Sadly, Melaleuca provides hardly any training in this area.

Mediocre Average Earnings – Melaleuca reveals how much its Product Advocates make as they recruit people into the company and climb the ranks.  It’s not a whole lot as you can see in the table below:

what is the melaleuca wellness company about

A Product Advocate 3’s average yearly income, who has approximately 20 active customers and 6 personal customers, is merely $550.  That certainly is not a side income, or barely even enough cash to take a vacation.

The Final Verdict

While Melaleuca offers good quality organic products to its consumers, its commissions are way too small to justify this company as a decent business opportunity.  Product Advocates would have to recruit literally dozens upon dozens of personal customers and active customers in the hundreds in order to earn an adequate part-time to full-time income.  While it is possible, it also necessitates reaching out to a much wider audience, not just one’s family and friends.

The final disadvantage to this business is its focus on purchasing products every month for demonstration purposes or personal use.  This results in Product Advocates stockpiling products in their homes.  Even months after leaving Melaleuca, a lot of ex-reps continue to report having stockpiles of product stored in their basements and closets.

Overall, there are higher-paying and better business opportunities available that don’t call for monthly product purchases.

Are you a Product Advocate for Melaleuca?  I’d love to hear about your experience with the company.  Please leave a comment below.


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Melaleuca Wellness Companyツ
  • Tools & Training
  • Support
  • Price
  • Earning Potential


Pricey products, low commissions and the requirement to purchase a minimum amount of product every month are just a few reasons why I don’t recommend Melaleuca’s business opportunity. There are so many other business opportunities out there that are more lucrative and a lot better overall.


  1. HappyB

    Hi Barb
    A great independent review. (Not many of those about these days.)
    I really appreciate your honesty regarding this company. Melaleuca seems like a company with good products for ecologically aware people.
    The environment and my health is important to me, but so is my bank balance.
    Very strange about the difficulty getting true prices and I do not like being forced to buy unwanted stock.
    You are right this is an MLM company.
    Better off as an affiliate marketer and choose some good environmentally sound product suppliers.
    Must check out your other articles.

    • Barb

      Hi, HappyB!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      Yes, all too often, a company’s product is wonderful, but it falls short on their business opportunity.  Such is the case here.  If you love the products, it’s best to just purchase them from a rep than go all in.

      I believe the company makes it difficult for the general public to see the true cost as they don’t want customers knowing how much of a mark up there is on their products.  This is typical with multi-level marketing (MLM) companies in addition to requiring reps to purchase a set amount of stock to stay active.  This is why I personally frown upon MLMs.

      I agree. Affiliate marketing is the way to go.  If you are still interested in a proven, genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation.  You can learn more here.


  2. Sunny

    I remember my mom getting in the Melaleuca Multi-Level Marketing thing when I was kid. Their main focus at that time was tea tree oil, and we loved that product. These days you can get natural products at much better prices elsewhere, so it makes it a hard business to do. I definitely agree with you there.

    • Barb

      Hi, Sunny!  Thanks so much for leaving your thoughts.

      Yes, you’ll find that a lot of MLM companies have a feature product.  Melaleuca does offer quality products, but who wants to pay $10 for a toilet bowl cleaner?  I certainly wouldn’t.

      If you are still interested in a proven, genuine online business opportunity, then you can do no better than my top recommendation …and it’s free!  You can learn more here.


  3. JeffWA

    Hi, Barb! Wow, I would be very wary of providing my personal info upon signing up to receive this company’s products. I noticed that Melaleuca’s website does not have the SSL certification, the url only beginning with http://

    In today’s online world with criminal hackers lurking all over the place, it would be child’s play for them to get into this company’s website and embed malicious code in addition the ability to access and then steal the info that a person provided when simply signing-up to receive any of this company’s products. Melaleuca needs to join the year 2018 and have tighter SSL security, (https:// as part of their url) being a part of their website.

    Other than that Melalecua appears to be nothing but the average, cookie-cutter MLM opportunity for a person looking to make money from home running a business. So many MLM’s are flawed, either making it tough to earn money through their business model structure, poor training being provided to newbies who only recently joined, and as you stated a person only recruiting to a warm market of family and friends while trying to build up a business monetarily.

    Hello, there now is such a thing called the Internet and billions of people online daily. In many of these instances when people are taught only to market a company’s products out to individuals who they personally know, instead of additionally promoting the business online it results in failure.

    Malelecua’s products might be excellent. However as an online business opportunity I, for one would take a pass in joining this company.


    • Barb

      Hi, Jeff!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.  I love hearing from my readers.

      Great job spotting the lack of security on their landing page; however, when you choose to join or sign in, they do in fact have SSL certification.  Nowadays, with so many scammers/hackers about, they would be stupid not to.  Good for you for be cautious.

      Yes, Melaleuca is set up as your typical MLM; however, it’s business opportunity isn’t so great despite offering quality products.  This is where a lot of people end up failing with MLMs.  They assume that, if the company has quality products, then their business opportunity will be just as good.  Not so, and such is the case with Melaleuca.

      Yes, there are good MLMs out there for the person with the right kind of personality.  One has to be comfortable with not only selling product, but recruiting and managing a team too.  Keep in mind it’s rare to see people making the kind of money whereby they can quit their day job.

      Consistent sales and promotion in the multi-level marketing ranks is typically achieved by reaching beyond their warm market.  Sadly, Melaleuca offers no additional training.

      If you are interested in a proven, genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation …and it’s free!  You can learn more about it here.


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