What Is The Seven Figure Profit Code?☠

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Seven Figure Profit Code Review

Name: Seven Figure Profit Code

Website: https://www.sevenfigureprofitcode.com

Price: $67

Owners: Michael Grayson?

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5 ☠

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of the Seven Figure Profit Code. Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

Today, I want to fill you in on a system I stumbled upon a short while ago called the Seven Figure Profit Code.

Hopefully, you’ve come here to learn more about it because you are having doubts but, even if you are enthusiastic about this system, I’m happy you are doing your research prior to parting with your money.

I’m sorry to tell you the bad news.  Seven Figure Profit Code isn’t trustworthy!

Also known as the Seven Figure Cash Code and, even though they differ somewhat, I am totally convinced they’re essentially the same.

Let’s take a look at what else bears scrutiny.

What Is The Seven Figure Profit Code?

Sincerely, who knows?  Similar to all the top scams on the web, the sales spiel for this product talks significantly about dreams and probable profits, but neglects to provide you with any particulars as to what the system is actually about.

This is truly worrisome as you will essentially be purchasing it solely on nothing but the salesperson’s words.

Would you purchase a vehicle without examining the specs and making sure it runs?  Even if it’s a kettle, you would at the very least see how it functions theoretically, even if you can’t boil some water.

Seven Figure Profit Code doesn’t give you any indication as to what it’s all about and that sets off a massive alarm bell.

what is the seven figure profit code

Or, the worst …

Fake Testimonials

Megan made $1,117.79 and states she’s nervous because she’s never in her life made a video recording before.  Obviously, that’s a lie as her gig page on Fiverr.com states she is a trained professional actor and a public speaking award-winner.  It’s rather difficult to have these kinds of achievements without ever having previously recorded a video.

what is the seven figure profit code

Paid actors are used for all the other testimonials too.

It’s Scarce?

Supposedly, the Seven Figure Profit Code is only available to a few people and the sales video will disappear when the clock reaches midnight.

what is the seven figure profit code

Baloney!  I promise you the video will be there every day inasmuch as those responsible for it can still leave it up.

This kind of scarcity tactic is solely designed to force you to make a hasty decision by convincing you that you only have a short amount of time to grab it when, realistically, you can take as much time as you want to evaluate the “benefits” of the system.

Scarcity is mentioned all through the video like the video being shut down right in the middle of streaming it; however, these shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Michael Grayson – Bogus Name

what is the seven figure profit code

This is crucial in business, and knowing who exactly you are doing business with is vital as to whether they can be trusted or not.

Big businesses rely on the awareness of their brand.  So, when businesses use a spokesperson, you anticipate they will be authentic.

This is why it is vital that you do your due diligence because the person seemingly responsible for the Seven Figure Profit Code, Michael Grayson, is a phony.

The image above is merely a stock photo and it’s likely the individual narrating is just a paid voice actor.

Also note:

  • there is absolutely no facts about the company at all
  • the only contact information is via email
  • they have concealed their domain details

What this means is that they aren’t being transparent, whereas an authentic business wouldn’t have any issues at all about informing you about who they are.

Lucrative Bank Balances

Michael Grayson, the narrator, highlights various bank accounts implying that his system has turned him into a multi-millionaire.

It seems monumental, but what does it actually show?  How does anybody know that this money was achieved by using this system?  Ultimately, you only have the word of a phony to go by.

what is the seven figure profit code

Moreover, how do you know the numbers have not been influenced?  It’s so easy for somebody with fundamental web skills to create a web page and highlight other text in addition to bank balances.  Simply because you can see it in a screenshot doesn’t mean it’s authentic!

The Terms Spell It All Out

A company’s terms and conditions can really open your eyes to what you are getting yourself into provided you take a look at them.

First, despite what Seven Figure Cash Code tells you about earnings, the facts are revealed in their disclaimer:

what is the seven figure profit code

This difficult to read text essentially says that they don’t guarantee anything and aren’t held liable.

Then there’s the matter of your personal information being shared:

what is the seven figure profit code

What this means is your personal information will be sold to other unscrupulous marketers and you’ll be bombarded with mail, phone calls and emails wanting to sell you something.

No Money Needed

As stated in the video, Michael isn’t going to ask you for a single penny today – not a cent!

Unfortunately, it’s not true.  When you reach the conclusion of the second video, you will be required to pay $67 to buy the system.

what is the seven figure profit code

Rather 6,700 pennies!

The trick to the statement not “a single penny” is merely to persuade you to move ahead in the sales funnel and provide them with your email address.

You Don’t Need Any Experience

Yet another alarm bell is that you can begin with their system and conceivably earn hundreds even thousands of dollars inside of a week with no experience at all.

No system, job or anything at all makes this possible.

All successful entrepreneurs and marketers out there have put in years of learning, effort, mistakes, tears and sweat into their endeavors prior to success.

If you really believe you can make that kind of money inside of 14 days with only 15 to 20 minutes of effort, then you’re deceiving yourself my friend.

The Final Verdict

Seven Figure Profit Code is a scam.  There are just too many alarm bells going off to say otherwise.

I’ve come across this kind of scam sales pitch many times and the blueprint of huge promises, outrageous earnings claims and zero genuine evidence points only towards one thing …a scam!

You are being sold the idea of being wealthy.  That’s all.  They merely want you to reach into your wallet and take out your credit card so they can mark you as a purchaser.  You are actually paying to be upsold even more crap down the road.

I highly recommend that you stay as far away as possible from the Seven Figure Profit Code.


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Seven Figure Profit Code☠
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Seven Figure Profit Code follows the blueprint of so many scams that I’ve seen before. They make huge earning claims with absolutely no proof whatsoever. Stay away!


  1. Jason

    I hate get-rich-quick schemes. They used paid actors, fancy cars, and mansions to try to sell you their garbage program. The other cliche they use is they say you don’t have to work at it. Just buy the Seven Figure Profit Code and sit back and enjoy the good life!

    Yeah Right! They even changed the product name to try to scam someone again who fell for their first, second, or third scam. It’s a good thing some people like you want to steer other interested people away from this disaster.

    I’ve been a part of the actual program you are trying to get the people to look at and it’s a lot better. (I’m not getting paid to say this lol) Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t promise overnight riches without any effort. If it doesn’t t I’m a realist and know that is how literally nothing works. The good news is that even though it doesn’t happen overnight, they can lead you to launch a full-time income producing website. You’ve pretty much decimated this scam. Job well done!

    • Barb

      Hi, Jason!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      Yes, a lot of these sites are rinse and repeat.  Once, they are known as a scam, they simply change the name and keep everything else the same.  It’s so important to do your research and not purchase something based on the emotional hype.

      I’m so glad that you are succeeding with Wealthy Affiliate.  They are truly genuine.  Nowhere will you find an online business opportunity that gives you a free website, free training and free 24/7 live chat support.  And, you’re right.  Businesses are not built on 20 minutes of effort in a day.  It just doesn’t work that way.

      Here’s to your success!


  2. James Harvey

    Wow, I knew something was fishy about this company. Like you mentioned in the article, the name is bogus it just drew red flags for me all over the place. The numbers are wildly crazy and it just reeks of scam fumes.

    Great article and thank you for exposing this faulty company for what they are. I will be sure to share this.

    • Barb

      Hey, James!

      You’ve got good instincts. A lot of people fall victim to these scams because they go against their gut and are taken in by the hype and outrageous earning potential.  If it doesn’t feel right, it likely isn’t and it’s best to perform your due diligence before parting with your money.

      If you are interested, check out my top online business opportunity here.  It’s free!


  3. Matt's Mom

    Yes, I would agree that the Seven Figure Profit Code has scam written all over it. A few years back, I might have gotten a little excited, even got my hopes up to finally having a good income for me and my son. Now, I know the hard truth. You cannot expect to make a ton of money from special system, or anything for that matter. It takes work and diligence.

    • Barb

      Hi, Matt’s Mom!

      Yes.  I totally agree. There is no magic system to get rich quick.  Building a business takes time.  I believe a lot of people fall victim to this scam as they are in a desperate financial situation and these scammers make themselves appear to be their savior.  Sadly, they end up in a far worse financial situation than they are now.

      If you are looking for a genuine online business opportunity, check out my top recommendation here.  It’s free!


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