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Youngevity Review

Name: Youngevity

Website: https://youngevity.com

Price: $115 to $189 Plus $25 Fee

Owners: Dr. Joel Wallach

Overall Rank: 2 out of 5 ツ

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is wealthy affiliate for beginnersNOTE: It is critical for you to know I am not an affiliate of Youngevity.  Rich Artist Starving Artist gives truthful, genuine reviews. My top priority is providing you with quality, entertaining, and informative reviews and I am not influenced by anyone or anything.

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If you are an admirer of organic foods and/or shop your local farmer’s market, then you might have heard about or even stumbled upon a Youngevity booth.  This company, which launched in 1997, highlights numerous foods, supplements and beverages derived from organic ingredients.

In 2014, Beyond Organic LLC was acquired by Youngevity, which allowed the expansion of its product line to include “Greenfed” meats like beef and dairy products.  Founder and CEO of Beyond Organic, Jordan Rubin, authored the widely renowned book “The Maker’s Diet,” and credits the reversal of his Crohn’s Disease to a heavy probiotic, entirely organic diet.

What Is Youngevity About?

Youngevity along with its partner Beyond Organic sell assorted premium organic products and cleansing beverages as seen below:

what is youngevity about

These products are definitely not cheap when you buy them at their retail value.  However, Youngevity stresses heavily that you sign up as a preferred customer because you can then receive a 30% discount on their products.

So, how do you sign up with Youngevity?  You simply have to purchase one of their Start Paks and pay a $25 one-time fee.  This is laid out in the overview of the company’s business opportunity:

what is youngevity about

The Start Paks cost between $115 to $189.  Youngevity stresses that you should choose a pak that is applicable to your own health situation because you will then “avoid becoming a statistic.”  What statistic?  Supposedly, the unhealthy and soon to croak from some third world disease statistic.

Getting more to the point, by purchasing a Start Pak and paying the $25 fee, you further obtain distributor status and receive referral commissions and income by recruiting other people into Youngevity.

what is youngevity about

So, just in case you didn’t guess already, Youngevity is a direct selling multi-level marketing (MLM) company.  As such, you cannot purchase their products at retail stores or typical brick and mortar stores.  Rather, the company sells their products to individual distributors who turn around and recruit others to buy the company’s products via their own sponsorship.

Also, you can go for it and purchase the CEO Mega Pak for $499.99.  This Pak allows you to receive referral bonuses and commissions, but also supplies you with stock options and CEO leadership training.  In addition, you are now qualified to climb the ranks of Youngevity.

So, what does Youngevity suggest you do to recoup your investment of $499.99?

You simply need to recruit a minimum of four more individuals into Youngevity by having them purchasing the CEO Mega Paks.  By doing so, your commissions and bonuses will equal or go beyond your original investment.

what is youngevity about

Of course, if you recruit an additional four members, you have just set up your very own downline.  How much does your downline make for you?  Based on a downline consisting of the four people you initially recruited who bought $150 worth of Youngevity products from their website, in addition to those individuals recruiting other members to do likewise, the monthly breakdown is as follows:

what is youngevity about

Once again, the company firmly stresses making money through recruiting other members.  Based on successive recruitment levels, you can anticipate first making $48 per month then $192 followed by $672, and so forth.  After your downline is six levels deep, you could, in theory, be making nearly $50,000 per month.

While this seems pretty good, there is more required to qualify for these commissions besides recruiting other members.  You also have to take part in the company’s “don’t become a statistic” jargon by personally consuming their products monthly.

The following breakdown of their compensation plan highlights what a distributor must do in order to climb the ranks of Youngevity.  Note this term, PQV, which means “personal qualifying volume.”  This volume is figured in points instead of dollars; however, each point is approximately equal to 1.2 X in dollars.  So, for example, in order to obtain a 100 PQV, you would have to spend approximately $120 per month of your own cash on Youngevity’s products.

what is youngevity about

As you climb the ranks, you must also make sure that your downline too buys the needed volume of Youngevity products.  This can work out if everybody on your team enjoys their products enough to buy and use them on a monthly basis, but it’s quite risky too because not everybody will always have money available to buy such premium organic products.

Like other businesses or any MLM, Youngevity has its pros and cons.


Organic products – Youngevity and its partner Beyond Organic, have high quality foods and nutritional supplements.  You can be pretty sure that said foods and supplements will aid you in becoming healthier.


Pricey Products – Youngevity’s products are rather pricey and, in most cases, include ingredients that don’t really differ from other brands.  The company promotes that their supplements’ solubility is superior because they are derived from plants, yet there is no data given to verify this claim.

Required Purchase – To climb Youngevity’s ranks and still qualify to receive bonuses and commissions, you have to buy their products and either consume them personally or sell them off to other people.  This will present you with a challenge should you unexpectedly become strapped for cash and/or have a reaction to their products.

Emphasis On Recruitment – Youngevity heavily stresses recruiting other members into the company, which can be challenging considering the cost for even the distributor Start Pak is over $100.  Not everybody will have that much money to invest in or purchase nutritional supplements.  To recoup your investment in the CEO Mega Pak, you have to persuade four more people to shell out nearly $500 each.

Shady Qualifications – Youngevity promotes Dr. Joel Wallach, CEO and Founder, as being a big-name scientist and biochemical researcher, yet his background isn’t in medical science but veterinary science.  The dude may have penned a couple of books about nutrition, but he is neither a trained medical doctor nor a scientist.

what is youngevity about

The Final Verdict

Youngevity has some pretty decent products you can sell, particularly since they recently acquired Beyond Organic, yet the company’s prices for their probiotic shakes and supplements are way too high.  Moreover, their business opportunity stresses too heavily on recruiting members and targeting to a warm market (friends and family) to be a workable opportunity a few years down the road.  With tons of other opportunities out there that are more affordable, you’d do better passing on Youngevity.

Have you ever sold or currently sell Youngevity products?  I’d love to hear from you.  Please leave your comments below.


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The company has some pretty decent products, but the prices are way too high.  Moreover, their business opportunity stresses too much on recruiting members. With tons of other and more affordable opportunities out there, you’d do better passing on Youngevity.


  1. Monica Bouteiller

    I heard of Youngevity products before because a friend of mine sells it. The products seem to be of good quality but a lot of their product ingredients are very similar to what I can purchase at my local health store. I agree with you… they’re very expensive to purchase and the monthly commitment is definitely more than what I can purchase.

    • Barb

      Hi, Monica!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      Yes, despite the products being of good quality, they are not so special and neither is their business opportunity.  I’m not a big fan of multi-level marketing plans in general.  What people don’t realize is that to make a substantial, life-changing, quit-your-day-job kind of income you have to recruit and recruit a lot!  You really have to have the right personality for it.

      If you are interested in a genuine online business opportunity where you are not required to constantly purchase product or recruit, check out my top recommendation here.  …And it’s FREE!

  2. JeffWA

    Hi, Barb. Being familiar with Youngevity as I have previously reviewed this company myself there has always one thing that bothers me about these companies that promote “health” and “wellness” supplementary/dietary/organic products as if they were the best thing ever invented. (Often one company believing that their pills are better than those coming from a rival company).

    My late mother was in the health profession for over 40-years as a career. She always believed that a person should know, for a fact, what he/she is putting into his/her body by way of mouth. These products promoted by Youngevity I know are NOT approved by the U.S. Food & Drug administration. Frankly a person does not know what are the exact chemical ingredients found in any of this company’s products.

    In addition to that, looking at this company as an MLM online-business venture from what I starkly remember, they provide scant evidence on their website regarding the teaching aspects of a person being able to successfully market/promote his/her business.

    With any MLM business opportunity, the most important factor in allowing a person to make money in his/her business would be the need for the individual to build a downline of other people who had been successfully recruited into this opportunity.

    As I know from my own prior study, this company on their website fails to provide evidence that a new member would receive educational training. Then how in the world would a person know before hand WHAT he/she would be taught coming from long-time members/mentors who are associated with Youngevity?

    A person would be expected to fork over a one-time $25 join fee PLUS invest more money into one of Youngevity’s “Paks”, (costing close to $200 on the high end) yet the individual would have zero clue on how he/she would be educationally trained. Hmm!

    I would say “buyer beware” if anyone is seriously considering pursuing Youngevity as a money-making online business venture. The odds would be quite high that the person would fail miserably, perhaps not even getting his/her original investment back!


    • Barb

      Hi, Jeff!

      Thanks so much for dropping by and enlightening us all with your findings about the company.  It’s greatly appreciated.

      I agree.  A lot of people, assume that a food product/supplement has been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug administration and blindly put their faith in it.  That’s something I’m definitely going to look into when reviewing other health/wellness products.  Simply because the company says their products are organic does not mean that they have been approved.

      A big success factor in any business is if you are provided with the proper training in order to succeed in that business.  As you mentioned, there is no information on any kind of training that you would receive other than from the person who recruited you into the company.  If they don’t know what they are doing, you haven’t got much hope for success.  It’s like the blind leading the blind.

      Yes, my friend.  I’d give this one a pass.  There are so many legitimate and proven online business opportunities out there such as my top recommendation.  You can read more about it here… and it’s free!  

  3. Mike Mahaffey

    I was curious about Youngevity after reading your review, so I checked out their page and health products.

    One thing for sure, people are obsessed with buying health products! After reviewing Youngevity, I didn’t see anything that separates them from other health products or MLM companies?

    I’m by no means against MLM, or health products, even though I use neither? I consider affiliate marketing an easier and more lucrative method to make money online than Youngevity. And I consider eating healthy a better alternative than buying nutritional supplements.

    • Barb

      Hi, Mike!  Thanks for dropping by and sharing.

      I agree, Mike.  Health products, particularly, organic products are on trend, but Youngevity’s products are nothing special or even FDA approved.

      Unlike you, I don’t like multi-level marketing companies (MLM) as they stress recruiting and typically you have to order a minimum amount of product every month in order to stay active.  Some MLMs are legit and one can make money with them, but you have to have the right personality for it.

      Affiliate marketing is much easier and more lucrative.  In fact, if you are still looking for a proven, genuine online business opportunity, you can do no better than my top recommendation.  You can learn more here.


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